You got 3....

Doombanomicon-S/T-CD/ LP/Digital (Black Doomba Records)

I'm going to start off with Classic Doom Rock is not something that I can see eye to eye with often and with Doombanomicon that very clean off key stoner/ retro doom vocal that reminds me of Messiah from Candlemass I just fucking hate.  I get this is just  13 bands the label owner loved and wanted to get out to the world. The music more reminds me of Solitude Aeturnus and St Vitus clones . If those God awful vocals were not here not most of the tracks  . I think I would dig  some of the bands not the ones that just took a Black sabbath riff and put new words over it. We need vocals more into the Kyuss, Electric Wizard or Dio (Sabbath ) side for me not to want to throw the speakers against the wall. I'm just going to leave the track listing here and say this is not something I'm ever listening to again. 

1. Imperii Exsulses by Negative Wall
2. Bitter Plea by Doomstress
3. Smoke Serpent by Stoneman
4. Dawn of Eternal Night by Witchcross
5. The Veneration of Serpents by Gallow God
6. Shadow in the Well by Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf

7. Monochrome by Dead Register
8. Defy the Lie by Bludy Gyres
9. Wood Valley by Order of the Owl
10. Busla’s Curse by DayGlo Mourning
11. Izhar by Coffin Torture
12. Kill For Sport by Gravehuffer
13. Hymn by Xothun

Cold Curse- Violent Measure- Digital/7" ( Creator/Destructor Records )

4 song fist to the face of crusty angsty Hardcore mixed with sludgecore elements. This is a pissed off L.A force that also has a strong love for the crossover thrash  and D beat world as well. This is an ugly and melodic journey all at the same time. Bands like Cold Curse make the pit begin and never really end. All the songs are in that 2-3 minute realm and spit the bile that is needed to the world without bullshit filler. This could have been a Slam a ham or  Pessimister release back in the day. The Crusty Hardcore elements are really what shine here and make you want to listen to this less then 15 minute ass kicking

Sathamel - Horror Vacui- CD/ Digital ( Self-released)

Being self released doesn't mean low rent at all anymore folks . WIth Sathamel this album sounds full, stunning and a wall of sonic power.  We have epic Black Death going on with this UK band. If you like Behemoth,Marduk, Watain, Hate or even stuff like  Hypocrisy and Immortal this is going to stick with you and not let go. Sathamel is never what I would call Orchestral but they have those elements. Sathamel are what I would call larger then life and Theatrical in most sinister of ways and visuals . Horror Vacui just sounds massive in the arrangements and those warm heavy bassline lines are what I love in good Black Death were it intertwines withing the layers of frosty guitars and wall Drumming the love to bring in the old school Earache and Nuclear blast UK/Swedish Death metal edge to the Blackened attack. There is nothing raw or punk about this band. Everything is thought out and methodical . Sathamel craft the songs and themes they are to present to the world. This is heavy as fuck and I will be listening to Horror Vacui over and over again. Why is this not on a big metal label??? This needs to change ASAP...