It just keeps getting better and uglier !!!

Acoite- Acoite-Tape/CD/ Digital (HellProd)

Brazil has a very distinct metallic history and it seems Thrash is at the root of it all . With Acoite this is Thrash mixed with ugly raw Death metal it really reminds me of early Sepultura up to " Beneath the remains" period mix with Sodom and early Kreator and I healthy dose of Hellhammer for good measure. South American Death/Thrash is always so raw and nasty in tone and presentation and it works so well with the over all vocals and manic druming going on. I really feel like it's late 80's early 90's when this was the dawn of extremity in metal.  Totally in to that driving and crispy Bass going on through out the albu. Looks like it's a very limited Tape and CD release so if want copies get to the Bandcamp asap or the digital output will always be there for you. It needs to be said there is a strong heavy crusty punk overtone going on with Acoite as well and that really ties it all together into something rather special .

Bestialord -Black Mass Wedding- CD/ Digital ( GrimmDistribution)

I hate throwing around ideals like Occult metal but this Kansas force  mix strong Occult elements into  Thrash,Death and Proto Doom. If I was to say they have a very  Celtic Frost meets  Entombed meets Sacred Reich vibe going on here . The 90's thrash and more melodic  Death elements really do shine here. I know they say there are Manilia road members here but the two bands sound nothing alike . This is much more sinister and dark from the moment go. Yes that retro element of older extreme metal is here for sure but for one I love it . They really have a Deceased / Coroner vibe going on here as well. Didint think this was going to be for me with what I was reading and this one is a real grower and the more I listen the more I find more to love here. The melodies are heavy and catchy too. Again another band were the bass really kicks as that those Mercyiful Fate solo are in full force here. Ok I'm done just fucking listen already..

Cult of Sorrow- Invocation of the Lucifer- CD/Vinyl/ Digital   (Black Doomba Records)

Luciferian Gnosticism that is the best start to where we are going with another Retro sounding band. This time very much from the fuzzed out Doom rock meets heavy rock ideals if any had it think  Clutch, Deep purple, Dio Sabbath period and some Cathedral and Trouble in for good measure. The stand out is the singer Jerry Lovett can actually belt out those Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly Styled vocals and at time as that Clutch bluesy rootsy vocal snarl too. This would be the second time I would say by description alone I should have this .. The album cover is so asskicking I have to give points for that just alone its like a twisted DC comics cover.. Doomy, Bluesy and Soulful Cult of Sorrow are working on so many levels here and glad I can have another fringe stoner/ retro Doom rock band I can say I enjoy and doesn't make me want to puke.

Wormwood -NattarvetCD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( Black Lodge Records)

Beautiful and Majestic are not normally where I would begin with Black metal and gentlemen covered in corpsepaint but with Wormwood they mix elements of Folk, Pagan, Jazz, Blues , Doom and Avant Prog and Post Black metal into something that is simply put stunning and jaw dropping in presentation and creation. Saying that Mattarvet is a musical movie for the mind is an understatement to say the least. These Swedes know how to get there voices hard and known.  This is in that Borknagar, Falkenbach,  Thyrfing,  Old Mans Child , Ulver and October Tide in every way possible. There is a massive Viking/ Pagan overtone as well that need to stay. I just going to sit here a while and just love this album. Wormwood thank you for coming back into my life and making my heathen sould smile at least one more time.

Swarn -Black Flame Order - CD/ Digital (Redefining Darkness Records | Raw Skull Records )

Fuck YA!!!!!  Crusty D Beat  Death metal  from Estonia... Dirty nasty and kicking youre teeth out are you fan of  Discharge, Tragedy, Dismember, Nails, Iskra, Nasum, Agoraphobic nosebleed, Noisem, At the Gates and  Wolfbridge. This album is crushing and brutal with noisy and venom spewing vocals Post punk guitars of Killing Joke and Prong going on here. There are also some really heavy Thrashing moments happening to . You know who Swarn remind me of  Fuming Mouth damn that is who I feel like they are so akin too. Been listening to this band album 4 times and why did that just come to me know.  Swarn and Fuming Mouth need to tour together it may create a black hole in every venue they perform at . This album is just that good holy shit . I don't know if I can stop listening to it. Haunting as it Brutal ad Spine Shattering. There is equal parts of all things great here. Swarn if do not get to see you live before you leave this musical journey I will be very pissed off. I expect another album you hear me  hello..... Swarn I'm talking to you !!!!