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Expression of Sonic deversions

Temple of the Stars - Nightspirit- CD/ Digital/LP ( Inverse )
One man band's were do you stand with these are they really bands or just projects someone created for the love making music well  Tobias Tag is the man from Finland to bring us  Temple of the Stars. This a Folky Prog Rock Journey that has a strong love of bands like  Tenhi, Antimatter, Amorphis mixed with Hedningarna,Garmarna and Varttina. There are some moments I think this band would fit amazing on Prophecy Production sub label  Auerback as he makes music of the Dark and wonderful Pagan folk style. Let woodwind and strings with the soulful heathen voice that goes from Prog to Folk works so well with the musical sounds of nature. I keep waiting for a metal moment after 6 tracks no a one. Temple of the stars has a very YES and Gentle Giant Prog element going on here as well. I do really like this and want to hear more. They come from metal more at that  Antimatter, Anathema way now.There are some heavy rocking moments …

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