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One's musical path can change by a simple whisper ..

Cardiant- Mirrors-CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)
This  album is  a journey into  a world that is all  of Cardiant's making. I will be very clear this is a bit of an album that is right up my alley they mix  Power, Prog and Symphonic elements in Metal with a very Sci fi and Electronica overtone. So year I'm going to say I really dig the groove elements with the amazing  piano movements . The Synths,  Guitars and Heavy Bass lines work so well with the Strong male and female vocals . What I hear is a mix of bands like  Rhapsody , Symphony X, Fates Warning, Ayreon and Saxon . I can tell you the catchy side of the band is what makes this so much of a joy to listen too. I even hear moments of bands like Pretty Maids and TNT in this masterpiece in the making for they have some great heavy 80's and 90's rock flavors going on to. This hits all the hard rock places I want as a 45 yr old man. Though it still has a modern production for 2017. Cardiant needs to play the prog and po…

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