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Sepulchral Voice Artist- SIJJIN Interview up

1. Tell us how this German Extreme Blackened ,Death,Thrash band came together?
: Well, I would prefer if you could label us as Death Metal, or Death Thrash, as I see no need by mentioning the “blackened” term here. Sorry for being so picky mate, but I live for Death Metal exclusively, haha. Ivan Henrnandez is playing drums also in NC, both of us binds a long friendship and musical challenge. Through Ivan, I got introduced to Ekaitz Garmendia, who is one of Ivan`s oldest comrades from Basque Country. When I first saw Ekaitz playing guitar, my jaws dropped, seriously. After years and growing friendship, we sealed an oath to do a band together as we always had the same musical tastes. I guess the rest is history.
2. This  demo  "Angel Of The Eastern Gate" is bettter than many full budgeted albums in sound and creation . Where did you record this and did the music  or vocal themes come 1st?
: Thanks a lot for your words. We recorded the demo at Ekaitz` o…

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