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Tantal- Ruin- CD/Digital ( Self Released)
So what we have  is a power metal/ symphonic metal female fronted force that has members of  Everlost and U.D.O. There is a very 3rd and the Mortal meets Within Temptation element going on here I would even say bands like Epica and After Forever are very similar. Yes this is majestic, epic, haunting and ethereal but there is a Darkness and power to it as well esp in the arrangments of the band. They like to use electro and triphop elements in the over all metal presentation as well. Sofia's vocals really to match the intensity to the very talented guitar and bass work going on here. The drums keep a very tasteful beat which is needed in a complex project like this. I do wish there was a bit of a Melodic Death element in this as I feel that is something the are coming to but just have not crossed this threshold yet. Tantal is a expressive and layered album and well worth the undertaking.

Traced by enemies- where t…

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