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7 for the sake of 7 visions I had while reviewing these Sonic Vestigials

Thy Kingdom Slum- A History of  Dissent- CD/ Digital ( Slum World  Productions)
Just from the 1st moments on hearing  Thy Kingdom Slum. I would say this is  what I'm getting is a Groove, Bluesy, Sludgy and Doom feel that reminds me very much of  what you get from a Stoner band  that lost the love of 70's and feel in love with bands like Kyuss, Clutch and Electric Wizard but still love the fuzzed out  space rock element. The vocals are very raspy and throaty but still Bluesy and warm. Thy Kingdom Slum are so rhythmic  and bottom heavy. They have a Led Zeppelin and Blue Oyster Cult vibe going on . Thy  Kingdom Slum have  much in common with C.O.C, Down and Dio .  I don't think there is  more to really say about this band. Dirty heavy sludgy Blues rock done in the most  righteous of manners .

Nest- Metempsychosis- CD/ Digital ( Sludgelord Records)

Post  metal  and  Kentucky seem to be a perfect fit as with Nest we have  just  that  lets mix …

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