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4 Bands diverge into extreme thoughts from different vestiges..

Rising- Sword and Scythe- CD/ Digital ( Indisciplinarian )
Wow this is album number four for this Majestic metal unit. The mix elements of Power, Thrash and Prog metal. Vocals are Clear , Melodic and Powerful. The Guitars and Bass are driving and make you want to move to the music. the Drumming is that of any good Prog metal drummer it accents and makes the ride all the more impressive. I'm still shocked that Rising are not bigger in the metal world and playing larger theaters and venues . At time they could stand with the bigger artist in heavy rock today the Foo Fighters, Ghosts, Slipknots and Alter Bridges of the world. The album art work plays right into the theme of the album as well. The songs on " Sword and Scythe" get stuck in your head and will not go away. Take a chance folks and check out one of the best Metal/ Heavy Rock albums of 2018 and take them to next level..

Cult leader -A Patient Man-CD/ Digit…

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