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Transcending Obscurity Artist - Norse interview is up

Official Norse Bandcamp -

1. Tell us about Norse you seem to have a few releases out independently. What was the vision to start band?
No vision, really. When we started out we just wanted to play fast and aggressive music...the usual simple ideas and with no real direction.

 2. The Divine light of a new sun.. is very much an avant industrial black metal sound. Very similar to bands like DHG, Code , And Oceans,  Vond and But aus Nord and  Beherit .. were did this idea come from?

I think I've heard DHG and Blut Aus Nord out of that list. My ideas come from not being able to play guitar, so i just have to make weird noises on it instead. I just  get very bored of a million bands doing the same shit, and always push myself to try think outside the box.

3. How does the earlier recordings compare to this new album?

The core of the band changed in 2014 which led to the ‘Pest’ release and the beginning of our new sound. The releases before ‘All is Mist and Fo…

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