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D.M.P. artist Manes interview is up

Interview by TP: Torstein Parelius THS: Tor Helge Skei

1.  Manes has made a come back to the more experimental and avant side of extreme music . What made the album Slow Motion Death Sequence go more from that Vilosophe and How the world came to an end  style?
TP: I wouldn’t say we’ve made a comeback to anything, actually. And extreme music … I don’t know. Maybe so. In regards to the experimental or avant garde nature of “Slow Motion Death Sequence”, I wouldn’t say it differs much in that respect to our last album “Be All End All”. Maybe it does. I really can’t say. What I can say, however, is that it is in no way intentional. This is the music we make when we get together and do stuff. So far, no album has had a premeditated plan of being one way or the other in contrast to what we have done in the past. Well, that’s a lie. We had a conseptual plan this time around: darker.

2.  Members were working on Manii which was more like o…

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