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Debemur Morti Productions Artist - LATITUDES Interview is up

Questions answered by: Jon Lyon – bass/lyrics Hey Clint - thanks so much for your interest in our band! We really do appreciate it.

1. Part Island is an epic undertaking of Prog Doom and Avant Metal and Post Rock sounds. What is it you want your listeners to take from this album? We know how much music’s out there and how difficult it is to be heard if like us, you haven’t been a touring band for a good few years. We just hope that those who do manage to hear the record recognise the depth of feeling we’ve invested in this thing, whether it appeals aesthetically or not. I’d love listeners to be able to wallow in their sadness a little bit, reflect on the modern malaise, take solace in a shared disaffection, know someone empathises…or just escape into the atmospheric storytelling elements of songs like ‘Dovestone’ or the title track. Forging any sort of positive emotional connection - musical, ly…

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