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3 Movements of the Sorrowful and meloncoly (Doom Edition )

VOID ROT - CONSUMED BY OBLIVION- MLP /Digital (Sentient Ruin Labs)
From the  frozen north with 10,000 lakes  Minnesota comes Void Rot with 3 track and just over 15 mins of crushing and  suffocation Blackened Doom Death in the style of  Incantation, Winter and  Ceremonium . Loving what I hear as it really like dripping Molasses and then watching it  dry to only have to fracture it with a hammer and start again. The ultra guttural vocals and that mid tempo  Bolt Thrower meets Disembowelment riifage is more then i can really ask for . And with that I look to hear a long player and this is the best kind of Doom and we always need more of it .

Caustic Vomit- festering odes to deformity- tape/ digital ( Redefining darkness  records)
Crusty Blackened  Doom in the  vein of  bands like Thergothon, Cianide ,Womb , Unearthly Trance and even Immolation and  Dusk. Loving the raw and  meloncoly side of the  Punk and Doom that is coming thro…

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