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The Artisan Era Records Artist - Dark Matter Secret Interview is up

1. The us a bit about the project as this in a new Prog/Death/ Tech Metal force to my readers.
Dark Matter Secret is instrumental technical death metal project. We released two song EP Xenoform in 2015 and full length album Perfect World Creation this year.
2. I know the band is sans vocals and I can hear why the flowing and complex arrangement would be lost with vocals I agree. Why did the band feel to no without vocals?
We understand, that if we had vocals maybe we will be more close to the listener and more popular. But both of us is diehard fans of instrumental music, like fusion, metal, and avant-garde, so we just decided to make what we love. We also think that it can be our niche because there are not so many instrumental bands in tech death world. 
3. I hear many elements in the band artists like Watchtower, Atheist, Opeth, Devin Townsend and Gorguts just to name a few. What bands made Dark Matter Se…

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