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Prosthetic Records Artist- Howling Sycamore Interview up

Howling Sycamore. Answers by Jason McMaster and Davide Tiso.
 1.     Being the 2nd album released by the band but the 1st I've gotten to hear. How did the band come together and what brought Jason and Davide to a common ground?
-DT: Howling Sycamore is a project that started in June 2016 when I was asked to write guitars for the extreme metal band of an acquaintance. The drum parts for the project were already recorded with defined structures and accents. I was used to writing songs starting from guitar ideas, having only drums to rely on forced me to use a completely different point of view when writing my parts.  The material composed pleased both parties but it didn’t really fit with the project it was intended for. I felt that the songs could have grown into a much more ambitious project and I decided to use those guitars to start my own band. Reconfiguring the band based on the guitars that I had already written, I thought it was necessary to k…

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