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When the Realm was new and expression was accepted...

Northumbria- Vinland- CD/ Digital  ( Cryo Chamber )
Dark and  Primitive with signs of hope and rebirth are really what I'm getting from Northumbria. We have a Heathen/ Pagan Ambient journey that is as soothing and it is haunting and reflective. The Synths and tones are very deep, full and feel like we are getting something of when the world was young and the world had creatures and elements that we have not seen or heard from in thousands of years. Northumbria are about when Gods and man had a true bond and it mattered for day to day growth and survival. You can feel civilization coming out of dark times when listening to this album.  The world of old was a wonderful one and we can do well to remember the past and make sure we expand upon it and with albums like  " Vinland" this is were we can back to for reflection and redemption.

Dahlia's Tear- Through the nightmare Grandeur- CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)
So experimental ambient and pos…

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