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Eclipse Records Artist- Nereis Interview is up

Nereis Interview

Hi everybody. I’m Sam, guitarist from Nereis, an Italian metal band.
1.Tell us about the Metallic Hard rock styling of Nereis and how it came to be?
At first, when we recorded the EP “From The Ashes” in 2014, we were inspired by old school metal, we took some influences from the 80’s heavy metal. Now, we think our style comes from a mix of music genres, due to our different music tastes. In fact, Andy, our singer, likes prog rock and metal, me and Dave, the drummer, love the modern and “huge” wall of American sound, Pex, the other guitarist, comes from a pop-rock music experience, and Gian, the bass man, likes to listen to thrash and death metal. In general, to define ourselves is like to confine ourselves, that’s why I prefer to let our listeners do this… not so long ago, our friends told us that they heard some Queen influences in Turning Point. Woah, that’s awesome! I have never thought of it before…

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