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Risen from the Dead Edition of my musical journey ..

Ringarë- Under Pale Moon - DIGITAL /LP/CD ( Iron Bonehead )
Synth or  Dungeon Black metal has becoming a very powerful ideal in the last decade and with Ringare this duo is not playing at games there are band like Lustre, Profantum, Mortiis etc that really feel that Ringare has gotten their foundation from and added a Post / Blackgaze feeling to the over all approach of this . It's somber, bleak, powerful. frighening and just down right epic at times . I really want to play role playing gamesor reading Dragonlance novels when listening to this. The vocals are that Grim Black noisy ambient style that are just down right sinister and buried but work so well even in the past for bands like Graveland and Burzum. The Beautiful and Nightmares that bands like  Ringare present are second to none and really need to be heard to fully understand.

Through the Noise- Dualism - Digital/CD ( Eclipse Records )
There is somet…

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