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There is always room for Doom....

The Funeral Orchestra -Negative Evocation Rites- DIGITAL LP/CD (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
This Swedish mystery come at us with 4 songs over 40 mins of punishing and suffocating Doom that has a love for Sludgy tone and a few Black metal elements thrown in for good measure. Blackened Doom is something that work very well especially if you have a love of Bolt Thrower tempos coming for the speakers when that is the speedy part. The Apocalypse in tone and over all aural wave coming from the speakers lets the listener know what that are getting into. The gutturals and deep chanting vocals are just stunning in every way. The name of the band could not be more fitting. Oh come on there are even drones going on here . What more can one say other then if your a Doom metal fan and I mean of the Funeral and Death/Doom elk then look no further and Negative Evocation Rites is the album for you and those around you. There is so much ugliness and sonic hatred going on that you will not want to mis…

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