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A lot of shit I just reviewed because I wanted too. You're Goddamn welcome....

Sxuperion- Omniscient Pulse- Digital/CD ( Bloody Mountain Records )
A side project of drummer for Valdur, Weverin. What we have here is a Sci-fi atmospheric Death/Doom journey. That can go from ethereal to bombastic and to places so deep/ subterranean. The guttural vocals feel lower and more heavy then the down tuned guitars themselves. Very much love the way the effects and synths are layered in to bring the sorrow and nightmares to a complete picture. I get feeling of bands like  Womb, Stalaggh, Mindrot, Esoteric, Loss, Bethlehem and Shining ( Sweden). I'm really hooked on this mix pd  Dark metal, Doom, Sci fi, Avant Nightmarish Death metal and just the total break down of the human elements is going on here. Sxuperion I will be looking into the past to see if I can find more . I don't hear much black metal here but there are moments where you know that is a part of where its all came from.  Suffering has never sounded so power as it does here and that really say something ab…

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As the darkness around us this days grows music has become my comfort and hope