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5 Horns of Fury calling out to those who are Righteous!!!!

The Sabbathian -Latum Alterum - CD/Digital/ LP ( Svart Records )
When the ethereal winds come into a Doomy and Fuzzed out Folky metal album. I want to say this is elements of  bands  like  Sabbath Assembly, Third and the Mortal,  Ide of Gemmi, The Gathering, Madder Mortem and even Amber Asylum. Yes I would say there are neoclassic moments going on through out this as well. Love the Dark and Heavy rock that is going on here. There is a powerful heathen feeling coming from the speakers. I love the very haunting and epic sounding female vocals going on here . Nordic Folk  like  Hedningarna , Garmarna, Hagalaz runedance and Gate. This album is hooking me quickly and I want more . The Sabbathian get lumbering and noisy at time its those angelic female vocals that really take it to the next level. The Symphonic element of the band really are stunning as well. Svart you have a massive album in the making here. World Domination is next for  The Sabbathian!!!

Musta Risti…

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