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Scientist-Barbelith-CD/ Digital ( Sludgelord )
So between getting this promos  and  actually review it  the band has  signed with Sludgelord label ..  I will Say off the bat that this a progressive  metal album with some sludgy and Doomy overtime to say the least. Are we still allowed to say Post metal .  Oh hell I will say anything I like it's my  review .  Post Death Doom metal  so yest  Post Hardcore meets  Death Doom on a very  over the top stage and it works very well. The Sound is massive and oppressive in the best of ways .  There are even some  industrial metal elements going on here. Are you fan of bands on Neurot, Transcending Obscurity, Hydra head and 20 Buck Spin you know where I'm digging into with this band. I not going to mention bands just know the vocals are death and tormented with lots of verb and it can go from Post Rock  to Doom to Post metal in a drop of a hat. The guitars are down right crushing and angelic sometimes in the same song. The bass and Drums …

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