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Hells Headbangers Artist Cianide Interview is up

CIANIDE Interview 
I started my journey with the Caustic  Death Doom album Descent into hell back in 90s what keeps the fires burning 3 going on four decades later? Why stop? This is a hobby for us so there is no outside pressure. And just an all-around genuine love for all things metal. Being life longs friends also helps. 
Chicago has a strong history for heavy Doom inspired bands like Trouble, Avernus , indian, immortal bird and Nov Doom to name a few . What bring so many from one region? I have no idea. Guess were just born this way. 
You've been working with Hells Headbangers for a few releases now before that seemed to be many different labels. What has made Hells Headbangers  a home? Because Chase and the HHR crew are honest in their dealings and do what they say they are gonna do. No bullshit with these guys. 
Does Cianide  releases have themes that tie together or just collection  of dark, heavy disturbing movements? No themes other than the overwhelm…

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