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Social Blasphemy Recording Artist -Grate interview is up

1. Tell us about this sludgy noisy industrial crust metallic force which is new to my readers.
Wow, that was a new one! I congratulate you on your inventiveness (?), haha! Well, we're a three-headed metal band with basically just one thing in mind, which is making noise and sending messages. I have come to realize that a band is unique position on a very powerful platform if you have things to say. Most messages that bands deliver are weak in many ways and may sound catchy or cool at best, but they are often just echos of others. The fact that we are just 3 members makes things much simpler than 4 or 5 guys. 3 guys are more than enough to make our kind of noise and the lesser people involved the shorter time to get things done and lesser arguing a…

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