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Warmed by the fallen past glories.....We hear these hymns...

Year of the Cobra- Ash and Dust- Digital /LP/CD ( Prophecy Productions )
Seattle Fuzzed out  Bottom heavy  Doom rock force with album Engineered and mixed by the mastermind Jack Endino (Skin Yard) and worked on Nirvana, Green River,Tad and Screaming Trees. What the Duo is giving me is a mix of  Earth and  Ides of  Gemini in vibe ands spirit. There is a groove and angelic is a darkened way going on here. Year of the Cobra are infectious to say the least. Love the soft and hypnotic vocals arrangements, the we get those snotty L7 and Babes in Toyland snarls of  Amy   and those crushing and ethereal basslines. Jon's Drums are were I really get that Earth meets punk vibe going as they are just bombastic and heavy at the right times. I do hear elements of bands like  Madder Mortem and Acid King in what is going on here. I'm just going to say this is  Sludgy,Grungy, Blues, Dirty , Punkish and wonderful .

Mithridatic -Tetanos Mystiq…

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