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Aqualamb Artist - LO-PAN Interview up

Answered by Jesse Bartz - Drummer
1. Tell us a bit about the over decade story of Lo-pan and how this melodic fringe alt metal came to be here in 2019?
 Jesse Bartz: Skot and I started Lo-Pan in 2005 after years of jamming in other projects around town together. Jeff started singing with us about 2 years later,  when things did not work out good with our original singer and touring. Playing live has always been a focus for Lo-Pan. I had kept in contact with Jeff over the years (after playing many shows together with our former bands) and really always tried to encourage him to continue to sing in bands. We parted ways with our original guitarist in 2014 just after the release of our album Colossus. Then Chris Thompson joined our band in 2017 when our 2nd guitarist was not able to continue to tour. We hit the road and started writing what would become ‘Subtle’.
2. What bands have influenced Lo-pan most in the way you write?
JB: We each have lots of different…

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