The Voices asked for a few more so I humbled them..

WoundVac- The Road Ahead- CD/ Digital/ LP (Corpseflower Records )

Wow another band from Phoenix my current home for most of the last 12 + yrs and what do we get here .. To wrap it up in an ugly bow I would say grinding, crusty , punk inspired Metallic Hardcore on one of the more furious levels I've heard in while. The biggest down side its this and EP of just five tracks that if im lucky is going for 15 mins. We need a long player from this addictive pissed off anger force. If your a fan of Misery Index and Napalm Death with strong does of Converge then there is no more need to look. They come from this new ways of bands like  Venom Prison, Fuming Mouth and Knocked Loose that take all that they have loved in the past and just add there own flavor. What next WOUNDVAC I'm truly waiting for it...

MurderBird- Pillars of Creation- Digital (Self Released)

What we have going on here is a trifecta of influences and ideas we are mixing Hard Rock, Prog Metal and Grooving Thrash into something that seems like a mix of  Tool, Alter Bridge and Anthrax if I was going to put three bands into the pool to compare sounds too and I would say its the John Bush Anthrax/Armored Saint vibe that I'm getting when I say the Thrash.There are some very classic 80's metal movements going on from this band from Sweden going on.The vocals are very powerful, melodic and that clean thrash vocals that shock you at 1st then take you over with the infectious elements surrounding them. I really feel this again is one of those bands that are unsigned by choice and want to have complete controll of their diretion. Murderbird are very very Tool and AlterBridge like especially in the vocals and guitar tones. Live Murderbird must been a monster of an experience. I will end this review with if the 1st track doesnt get you immeditately then just move along.

Bretus- Aion Tetra-Digital/CD/LP ( Ordo MCM)

Italy is a odd mix of Doom metal styles every time I hear a band  from there its seems like they like the bluesy and more proto Doom realm and with Bretus its no different what I hear is St. Vitus, Trouble and Cathedral mix with bands like  Danzig ,  The Sword, Sabbath Assembly and Beastmilk. Its like the like to add the Goth and Death rock vibe through out it almost feels like this should be a band on Svart or Candlelight as this is the vibe a band like Bretus gives you. I would call this more fuzzed out  Bluesy Gothic  Doom rock and you know what. Whatever the hell it is . It's much better then expected  and you will get the itch to listen to an album like this and nothing else will do. Bretus thank you for that alone.