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Interview by Jesus 

1. If I'm reading correctly  the band is split  between  Canada and France is it difficult  being separated by an ocean?

Long distances are not a problem  with today's technologies. However, it is important to be with each other to discuss about compositions more easily.

Let's say that the band is less affected  because I am the only one who is expatriated. They can continue to rehearse without problems and without being really amputated.

2. If someone was about to listen  to Disowning for 1st time what 5 words  would you use to describe  sound?

Old school Influences

New school influences
Dark atmopheres
Progressive & melodic vibes

3. Human  Cattle  is your 1st proper album how does it differ from you EP ?

The album contains 10 titles including those from the demo. The EP was just to announce the album, it was an extract.

4. I hear that old school Swedish death ie Dismember /Unleashed/ At the Gates meets that UK earache  ie Bolt thrower and Paradise Lost. What bands inspired Disowning?

We don't have any favorite bands or albums. Our influences are so diverse and varied that it becomes very, very complicated to list everything. It's clear that we are consciously and/or unconsciously composing with our influences over the years. It is this clever mixture that gives life to the entity that is Disowning.

5. If you could make a proper video  off Human  Cattle  what track and how would it look?

We talked about video clip but we never succeeded choosing the right title

There is no shortage of ideas, it would rather be the means. In any case, our first clip would be straightforward.

6. Is there a theme on Human Cattle and how does album art play into  that theme?

The theme on “Human Cattle” revolves around one concept : Human Being

It's an expressing a perception and a global theme on man and its dark side that leads him into self-destruction.A vulgar cattle ready for the slaughterhouse.

Man reduced into slavery.

He is formatted, dull and insipid. In the end, he is empty and soulless (not in a religious way)

The artwork reflects and reveals really well what we wanted to project with this conceptual idea.

7. How has things like Podcasts,  Bandcamp  and YouTube  altered the extreme  underground  as in artist for the good or ugly?

I think that any visibility is good to take, especially with the incredible number of bands that exist today. I think that's a good thing.

If you're really underground then you don't choose to expose yourself on this kind of platform. It's all about representation on "what is underground for each of us?"

8. Loved Nico's last label Kaotoxin. How did you connect with Xenokorp to release Human Cattle?

I send a email to Nicolas because I heard good things about his work.

He loved our album and we phoned. We talked a lot, the connection was immediate and sincere.

9. How does Disowning  differ  live vs studio  which do you prefer?

I would say that performing Live is really where the full entity of Disowning takes life.

The show becomes the very essence of our band. It is live that we can really let us go and express ourselves, and where we can be intense and deliver the music.

It is also a time to in communion with our audience.

They really are two different things. We all prefer to be on stage !  

10. What bands are impressing the members of  Disowning?

If I was asked that question about 20 years ago, I would have made you a long list. Today, I would not say impressed but rather admiring the careers of some bands. And I would go as far as saying we are more admiration of those who have succeeded in distinguishing themselves by their sound, their image and their shows.
In the end, bands that have a real personality, a real identity.

11. How does the visuals of Disowning  change the perception  of the way fans see the bands music and themes covered. Do you need an image in 2019 for fans to want check out new bands?

I think it is important for a band to have a particular image and sound that defines its style and identity. It's very difficult to get and it takes time and a lot of work.

It is certain that a band's attitude and visual have an impact on the audience.

For me it's all about making magic work on what a band emanates. So everything must be linked: music, visuals and entertainment in the same way.

I've already listened to bands where I loved the album, and when I saw them on stage, they were introverted, passive and uncharismatic people. When nothing transpire out in the show and there's just the music... I can tell you that you get bored quickly and that the disappointment is great.

  1. If a major label came to Disowning  with offer would this interest  you at all or are extreme music artist better  with smaller or more  personal label/ PR touches?

Whether the label is big or small, first things for us would be for our music to be respected in its artistic side, to feel supported and to have  a real and sincere human relationship. We have those things with Xenokorp

13. Writing songs does it start with music or lyrics? Is the story thought out in advance?

Everyone works on his side. Then we put everything in to share. We exchange a lot and everyone's opinion is taken in consideration. Let's say we focus on the music first.

On my side I work on the lyrics. When the compositions are finished, I do some tests and I let my feelings guides me.

14. Do the member of Disowning have other projects  youre  working in or on tell my readers about them so they can be exposed to.

Jerome and Peb are currently playing with Hyskal

In the past I played with Offending.

15. Thanks again for the time any closing thoughts  place here. 

Thank you for this interview.

We hope you will all enjoy this album with which we have put hearts and guts. Feel free to share with us your feelings, what you liked or disliked, as long as it remains constructive: www.facebook.com/disowning