Blackened Death Power House- Sathamel Interview up ...

1. There seems to be a strong history in U.K. for Epic Blackened Death metal ..what do you think this style is so big this island nation?

We’re unsure really. Over the past few years there seems to have been a “surge” of black/death metal bands appearing, all very eclectic in style, it’s hard to pinpoint a “British” sound. There is, in some cases, a large level of camaraderie about the UK black and death metal scene which in turn develops those within it. Maybe it has something to do with that. 

2. How does Corpse paint and visuals change the overall vision and ethics of a band like Sathamel?

The paint was something we chose to do from day one. It is a means to become “someone else” for a time. As tired as some may say this style of “theatric” is, it would feel incorrect to perform without it. 

3. Is there a reason to stay DIY and not seek a label in 2019? Is a good Pr and digital outlets all you need today?

With Horror Vacui we returned from an almost 2 year hiatus and almost entirely new lineup. The first single “Whispers of a Husk” was released moments after we received the final master we were happy with, so wasted no time fishing for labels, we just wanted it out there. We had a few offers but did not feel the timeframe would have suited our requirements at the time or benefitted the label pushing the release. If the timing and agreement is correct we would definitely consider contracts in future. 

4. What are the themes on Horror Vacui?

Horror Vacui means fear of empty space in art form. The literal meaning was taken and used as a fear of empty space in terms of the void left within when the band was frozen. The themes are based upon this and our own liberation of the void, the return or rebirth. 

5. Wanted to ask why so minimal on album cover just black and logo in gold ?

We had contacted a few artists to work on the album cover and received a few draft versions, however as time progressed it was clear none were fitting our vision. We decided then to simply use the new logo and not hide behind any artwork, just allow the focus to be the music. 

6. The production is stunning and massive . How does a band without label get this Sonic values and did it have to do with studio and engineer?

We returned to Ritual Sound studio and worked with our good friend and producer Samuel Turbitt, who has worked on all our previous releases from 2015. The drums and vocals were recorded on site with Sam working on the orchestral arrangements for the songs “Libera Me” and “Świt”. Guitars and Bass were recorded by myself and sent to Sam for re-amping, who also handled the mix and master.

7. In 4 words describe the sound of Sathamel to someone about to listen for 1st time.

“Form your own opinion”.

8. I hear Bolt thrower, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Behemoth and even Hypocrisy mixed into this album. What bands inspired you ?

Behemoth are a large primary influence as many have chosen to point out, many of the polish bands inspire, whether that has anything to do with our vocalist Kruk being a native probably comes quite clear... naming a few - Mgła, Blaze Of Perdition and Hate are large influences, maybe not apparent or direct, but they are there. 

9. Is you could make a video for any song on Horror Vacui which one and why?

Probably the title track or “There Where Is No Time”. Both we believe could suit a narrative of sorts but we will see.

10. Do you feel more akin to the Black or Death side of musical realm?

We have performed with far more black metal bands than death metal and have been categorised as such. But, we’re fans of both sub-genres and they can be fairly interchangeable. 

11. Sathamel where did the name come from and has it served the band well?

As far as names go, yes, we like it. 

12. Do the band ever get mistaken for ideals or view points just because of image ? If so what is the goal of Sathamel at end of the day?

Not really, many assume from face value we would be a “pure” black metal band of course. The goal is just to push the band as far as it can go, whatever or wherever that may be. 

13. If you could tour with any band and why?

Larger bands such as Hate/Behemoth/Immolation would be a dream come true. But many of the underground, live shows are the payoff to recording we feel. 

14. Thank you for time any closing thoughts here .

Thank you for the interview and to all those who have supported us thus far!