I like when the voice yell over the music and sing there own songs..

Hexenebrett- Erste Beschworung- Cassette/ Digital (Caligari Records)

What is  brewing in Germany?  Well its equal parts classic heavy metal, 80's prog metal and Occult Blackened something . If Celtic frost, Mercyiful Fate and Bathory came together it would be a dream of Hexenebrett. They have this Iron Maiden and Diamond Head vibe going on throught out as well. I so conflicted as I like and dislike what I hear. I wish they didn't go for that retro 80's production but its a demo tape and that is the Aesthetic they are going for.  The songs are so good and creepy. At times I want King Diamond to be singing for them especially when those damned organs come in and they getting at bit more with those fate like solos going on. The overall primitive side of this band works to the overall magic and occult vibe. At under 30 mins for this EP it really makes me what to hear more . This is such at Coven and Blood Ceremony vibe to this band. I will look forward to my next encounter Hexenebrett.

Knocked Loose- A Different Shade of Blue-CD/ Digital/LP (Pure Noise)

Straight out of Kentucky comes one of the most brutal, powerful and passionate Hardcore bands of 21st century. Welcome to Knocked Loose world and with thier 2nd proper album they are even mixing a bit of melody and some more deathcore elements into the whole pictures. The sounds are short and sweet and should be no other way. The have taken the mantel of Deadguy, Dillinger Escape Plan, Integrity and His hero is gone and moved into something that is complex and facesmashing. If you can mix Crust, Deathcore, Post Hardcore and Mathrock into one driving force this is all we need to say. This is the band to be one the look out for . I saw them with Beartooth on tour last year and they stole the show. This band speaks to the people and makes them move and with  A Different Shade of Blue , Knocked Loose has stepped it up in production, songwritting and lyrical content. This is a chilling record and something the needs to be checked out. 

Kval- Laho- CD/ Digital (Hypnotic Dirge)

Finland why is always Finland they are truly one of the most inventive and creative places on this Earth for extreme and avant music . This is Atmospheric Post Black metal on the highest of all orders. I love the very ethereal side that the music creates with that  Virus, Code, VBE, Katatonia  vibe. Kval is all about the beauty and the nightares and its what the music and gritty vocal style creates for me . I hear so much experimental mayhem and even bands on labels like Prophecy, D.M.P , I,Voidhanger and Third I rex.  The  tones on Laho are twisted to put it simple and there are these oriental and eastern elements that come in and out that really at times give me that Sigh and Salem vibe. Kval you are even folky at times but not in neoclassical way more in that Pagan/ Midevial thing . Hell you all know what I mean. Love the fragile side that you get through at the album as well.  Here is another band that much love Tenhi and  Dorenreich as well. I think its really time for you to listen and just adore this album.

Warrior within- In Darkness Act 1- Digital/ CD (Self Released)

From the land down under comes a retro speed/ thrash metal force that is very much the embodiment of  bands like  Exciter, Sodom, Kreator, Slayer, Whiplash and Overkill. Retro again is not a bad word when you play a style of music with this skill and fury. There is something very impressive about sounding like you are a late 80's early 90's thrash metal band that is carrying on that torch for all those before them. While there is a revival with  Vortex, Power trip, , dust bolt, Havok, Nucleus etc. Warrior within plays the Thrash and Speed metal  elements much closer to the vest of the early dirty and more primitve ways of old and with this makes me love them all the more. Feels like home as a grew up with demos and tape trading a lot of this style of music. Keep it going for the next generation to understand the magic of  THRASH!!!!

Hornwood Fell- Damno Lumina Nocte- CD/ Digital (Third I Rex )

Massive I start this review with the word Massive as this is everything Hornwood fell creates, projects, arranges and presents to their listeners. Avant, Occult , Epic Blackened Death Doom with a very progressive and bomastic tone and  aural outcome. There is madness and majesty coming from the speakers of this album. I love the use the word Dissonant and Nihilism as this fits to the T with  Hornwood Fell. The are sinister and  genius at the same time . The 1st three release from the band were on Avantgarde music in Italy and I can see that this would had been a great home when they had  Wounded Love sub label as this is very much the left of center blackened doom vibe that were so much a kin too . I can hear a lot of Dolorian and Godkiller with them. Now with Third I Rex the industrial and avant side can spread it's leathery wings a time more and really allow that fractured style breathe and become something so much more. Black metal is something that has splintered over the last decade for sure and with Hornwood Fell the boundary is being push even more for the better .