Superbowl Sunday Fun day ( -1) ...

Goats of Doom- Tie on Hänen Omilleen- Digital, LP, CD (Purity Through Fire)

Viking, Punk, Thrashing Black metal that is making me smile ear to ear. Some time ugly and fun Black metal with a very catchy Heathen and the punk element is what you need to start out your morning. Oh, don't look surprised they are from Finland a land of some of the more interesting  Extreme music I've been hearing as of late. There is a destructive and harmonic overtone to all this album as whole Goats of Doom you remind me most of a mix of  Bathory, Einherjer and Falkenbach and I do not want that to ever stop that mixed with style of Oathbreaker and Dark Throne that punk/hardcore love really shines. Let's just say this is making a Sunday in Feb a better start already.

INNARDS - Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face - Digital, CD ( Transcending Obscurity Records)

What I get from this Trio out of Portugal is a Crusty Dirty Thrashing Death metal ride that does have a lot in common with Carcass, Possessed and At the Gates. It's primitive old school but recorded in a way that makes it sound like it belongs in 2020 and that is hard to do. So the skill level is here for sure. Being only 3 songs is the biggest depressing part of it all. Why just tease us with an EP? Man, that Thrashing element comes off in the solos for sure thanks to Sodom member playing a solo on track two?  You can hear those taste Destruction, Sodom, Kreator tasty German thrash elements for sure. At times you hear that Brutality and Morbid Angel Early 90's USDM sound so majestically as well. This is a stunning presentation of were Death metal was and is truly heading. Stunning work...

Radian- Chapters- Digital ( Self Released ) 

Ohio to me is one of the oddest states I've has the pleasure/displeasure to ever visit. There is a mixture of beauty, sorry, neglect, rebirth and destruction and you are just going town to town. With Radian that is very much what you hear from this collection of ex Fistula, Rue, Sofa King Killer members. Radian is  Sludgy, Dirgy, Industrial rock, Post Metal, and Hardcore all packaged into something that will always make you feel like you have heard parts of this before but never really knowing where. Radian has this  Acid Bath meets Marilyn Manson meets Neurosis meets Cult of Luna thing going on and I totally just fucking love it. The is power and fury yet a very very strong meaning and passion to every work that is being projected. At times I even hear some straight-up Old school Hardcore elements and I think that makes this reviewer even happier. Ok before I go off the deep end and just dig track by track. Check this out you will not be disappointed.

KALT || WEISS - Serotonin- Digital ( Kvltstick4000 Records )

Where in the blue hell did this band come from and why is this the 1st time I'm hearing it. Released in Sept 2019 this is Gazing Post Black metal with some of the trippyist and left of center idea's I have heard in a long long time think Deftones meets Blut aus Nord. The spacial elements that mix with the futurist Black metal are taking me to places that for Avant extreme music fans will just cause your mind to melt. Kalt Weiss mixes the best parts of  Deftones, Tool, and Nothingface into a Blackened blur were nightmares and fantasies all collide. The experimentation in sounds is really where this band takes on the journey to where very few have gone before. The electronic and industrial elements just heighten the creativity level and make it all the harder to leave this four-song event. Austria you have a band breaking boundaries musically everywhere and I await with baited breathe for the next release ..

Åskväder -Åskväder- Digital, LP, CD ( The Sign Records ) 

I have not had one of these review in a while I use to be a total asshole in reviews often back in The Dragon's Flights Zine days. I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BAND. starting with the horrible poppy punk overtones to the nauseating stoner rock elements and those arena rock prog rock vocals were bands Asia and ELP are talented. This is all the parts of Foo Fighters, Greenday, Queens of the stone age and Hellacopter you fucking Loath!!!!!. This is just pandering for the fucking hipsters out there. PLEASE AT ALL COST AVOID THIS  PIECE OF SHIT !!!!! This is The Partridge Family of punk prog !!!!