Few Musical Treats to hold you over because I could not sleep ..

Singularity -Place of Chains- Digital, LP, CD   ( The Artisan Era)

So I clearly missed the boat on this album as it came out in Oct 2019 and I had the promo since Sept and just getting to it now.  This is what happens when you're a one man reviewing machine . What I hear is brilliant symphonic tech death with elements of sci-fi and prog metal in ways that make the hair's on the back of my neck stand up. Worst of all they are from AZ were I live and didn't know about them. Man those guitars and solo's are tasty as hell and the vocals go from guttural to almost that Scandinavian Symphonic Black metal love. This an album full of skill, theatrics, forward thinking metal . Being melodic, blistering and eerie all at the same time . You normally don't call Tech Death ( Haunting and Awe Inspiring) but with " Place of Chains that is absolutely the vibe I'm getting from this . So pleased I got to finally hear this and I swear I will never miss out again on Singularity ...

Psalm Zero -Sparta- Digital, LP ( Last Things Records)

Charlies Looker I'm going to start off with I love Kayo Dot so have a tour with them and members of that project helping you doesn't hurt your cause for me to review this . What I hear is an odd and mystical sound of  Gothic, Death Rock, Prog Rock, Post Metal and Avant movements into something that mixes elements of  Tiamat, The Cure, Katatonia, Anathema, Noekk, Alcest . You get where I'm going here clearly.  Sparta is a dark, brooding, spiritual and just other wordly POST everything release. We have something heavy and powerful without going metallic at times at all. Heavy Prog is were it dwells often. Psalm Zero is stunning yes I said stunning in ways many will never achieve but try over a life time.  I really like the Death Rock meets Doom overtones that are coming from this record.  I not a fan of using terms like Synthwave but there are elements of that going on here . I hear alot of the odd indie rock of 90's and surf rock at times too.  I know this album is all over the place but that makes it all the more interesting to me to review and listen to over and over again. Oh Jesus just check it how and have your jaw drop too .

PLAGUE- Portraits of Mind - Digital, CD (Redefining Darkness Records (N.America) | Nuclear Winter Records (Europe) )

Greek Death metal oh let's see how this progresses and Greece has had a very hit or miss story in extreme metal for me over the last 30 + years.  What we have is very much a love of Tampa Death metal of the 90's mixed with some of the more extreme Thrash elements of the time as well so hell ya a good mix this very much reminding me of Brutality, Morbid Angel,  Sinister, Demigod and early Atrophy, Faith or Fear, Sepultura, Kreator etc . Mash the two styles together and you are very much on the right path or The Left Path !!!!  There is a lot of Dismember and Grave going on there. Those Thrashing moments through out " Portraits of Mind" are really what are drawing me in with those deeper more punishing Death vocals. This album is tha driving catchy Death metal I grew up on and love. More Primitive at times and just works well. There is a large level of complexity at times but the mix of both works as well as those Death/Doom moments. This album is a total yes for me .. Welcome to ugly and dark and wonderful all at the same time.