Because I like the number 6.....

Folian- Blue Mirror- Digital, LP, Tape  (Anima Recordings)

This project from Portland start off very Ethereal, Spacial, Oddly Post Rock and and some strong electronic overtones . This is total Shoegazing post rock sounds like  Curve, SlowDive and Swervedriver with a bit of more modern NIN and Catherine Wheel elements. It's noisy all in the right places. It's has these distant screamy vocals that work with the droning and drifting movements that are ever flowing with Folian. I would say this sound like The God Machine and Jesu at times as well. It's very close what I would call to Noise Rock just with a very other worldly tone coming from the speakers as the sure to love  Sonic Youth and  My Bloody Valentine and Earth . As you can hear those elements ripping through the speakers. Not sure this going to be everyone's cup of tea but for some of us this an album that make you want to listen over and over again. This is by no means a metal record but there is some heavy as all get out Post Rock / Noisy Shoegazing going on here  and I wouldn't want Folian to change at all.

Kvaen- The Funeral Pyre-  Digital, LP, CD ( Black Lion Records)

Thrashing  Black Viking Metal from Sweden . Ok I'm done with the review. No really if you need to know more I swear I will say 4 Bands come to mind listening to this  Twin Obscenity, Old Mans Child and Thryfing are what I am loving and thrashing out out. Some times you just need good sing album Pagan metal and with a band like like Kvaen this is what your getting. The circle pits will start from riff one and end when the band does. This shit is catchy as all can be and makes me smile when listening. I can hear the Dissection and Unanimated in the Blackened epic style they play too. Again I'm going to end with a common theme I do with bands like  Kvaen.... You don't need to reinvent the wheel to be be powerful, impressive and an ass kicking extreme metal band .... JUST DO IT WELL!!!

Moloken- Unveilance of Dark Matter-Digital, LP , CD (The Sign Records)

Well this is much more like it the last album from The Sign was polar opposite of this  what we have here is  Sludgy, Noisy  Post Metal with some strong Prog elements. What I hear most is bands like  Mouth of the Architects, Rosetta, Neurosis, Cult of Luna,  Immortal Bird and Oathbreaker going on within the riffs, vocals and layers of complexity and madness. Tortured and Tormented are words that come from this whirlwind of sonic nightmares for sure. I listen to this an just want to sit in a session and see how a band like Moloken even goes about on how to start an album like this. I even at times here moments of bands like  Devil Doll, Arcturus and DHG in what they are trying to have the world see and feel. There is just a sickened pain that comes from the vocals and low end of this band.  With bands like  Moloken it will instantly draw you in or you with think this is creation by mental ill patients that is the beauty of this style you are part of the reason or an outsider forever.. Time for those not in the circle to move along.