Week two and the plague has not taken me down fuckers!!!!

Pathogens- Soiled Cogs Forever Grinding- Digital/ Tape (Scry Recordings/Black Horizons)

Just to Start with A. D. Carter is one sick and unstable fucker.. Pathogens this one man  Death Industrial meets Nightmarish Noise Assault based out of Seattle is more then mere words can explain. I swear this is what you hear as you go into madness and demonic possession. These three tracks are just harsh, combative sonic perfection. Walls of aggression, pain, hatred and suffering just being pummeled at yo with no regards to who or what is going on. I want to call this a suffocating release but that is not dense or crushing enough of terms for you to understand what you are about to get yourself into. The waves of deep blackened tones and the cries and loops of rotting machine sounds, God Damn I love this E.P.  Look at the artwork you are not getting hope or positive outlooks here and this is all I could ask for . Pathogens is bringing the Ugly back to a scene that has strayed away for a bit too long .

Thy Dying Light- Thy Dying Light - Digital, LP, CD, Tape (Purity Through Fire)

This  Duo from UK with several releases under their bullet belts have now come to us with the first proper full length release which loves to mix older  Darkthrone, Immortal, Saytricon and Old Mans Child into something that is full of fury, driving dissident melodies and scarred vocal  passages. Thy Dying Light is not a full on blistering releases there are some amazing blackened cold harmonies as well as moments of epic grander going on through out the release. It was recorded stunningly professionally and the songs really stand out . I totally get into when the bass can be heard in Black metal and with The Dying Light that is very much the case. Yes the occult and darkened realms play a strong role and theme to all that goes on withing the band and with that even the image and art of the band goes to a more retro Northen European Black metal vibe from the 90's. This again works well for the music presented and the ideals of the project. This is the kind of Black metal I was introduced too and too took during the late 90's early 00's.  We have a clearly impressive release in the making here and well worth more then several listen....

Witchcrawl- World Without End- Digital,CD  (Katoptron IX Records)

So these Greek Metal heads are creating something out of love for Power/Classic and Retro Thrash metal you hear so much of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Man o war, Helloween , Cirith Ungol and Angel Witch. Though this is not always something I can fully lock onto. I do like the throaty vocal moments and the more thrashing and less  Maiden worship moments. They do love  the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in ways more then most do. There is a punk and proto Black metal feeling coming through out this very occult and witchcraft laden affair. Those dueling guitars are so 80's Metal it's brilliant. As I listen to more and more The King Diamond/ Fate elements are very much in action as well. Oh man those galloping bass lines Steve Harris would be so damn proud. I can't say I love this but I do not hate it and with Retro metal that is a major victory. It really does have some kick ass moments !!!!

Negative Thought Process- Hell... Is Much Better Than This- Digital/ CD (Hibernacula Records)

This UK group is a crusty, grinding punk fueled hardcore force. if you like early Napalm Death, Dropdead, Integrity, Spazz, Disrupt and Phobia. This is the E.P for you 6 track and about 10 mins of  in your face brutality in the only way crusty pissed off hardcore punks can. This will be a pit and frenzy with every track that is played. Man I love to see bands like this live as they are always amazing and a whirlwind of violence. There are times you just really need much like this and with the state of the world March 2020. Once we can get out of this plague we are combating a live show with bands like this is what we will all need to release some aggression !!!

Ritual Dictates -Give in to Despair- Digital, LP, CD  (Artoffact)

If i was to tell you  members of  3 inches of Blood and Revocation came to make a record what do you think you may hear? Well Duh!!!!  Blackened  Grinding Death metal and sure as fuck that is what going on here with a bit of grooving blues driving rock in to just make you shake youre head all the more . Ritual Dictates is stunning and as amazing as you think. God damn now we have Prog metal and Sci fi element coming into this album. The mix of Sung, Growled and almost American vocal elements  going on here  wow!!! Imagine in  Porcupine Tree and Old Opeth had a love child and feel in love with bands like Carcass and Immolation. This a wetdream for artist like  Devin Townsend and Mike Patton as there are those odd left of center elements that both these Madmen create on this album as well. You would think from what I'm telling you this would not be cohesive or focused and you would be so very wrong. Ritual Dictates just gets better and better with each and every track.These two guys in Ritual Dictates know how to write a kick ass album and I for one know this is going to be playing in my collection for  a long time coming .