4 More you lucky S.O.B's that's 8 Reviews this weekend

Nawaharjan- Lokabrenn- Digital/LP/ CD  ( Amor Fati )

This  German group though seem to want to focus more on Black metal to this reviewer I'm here much more an Epic Black Death sound especially in the tone of the guitars and the drumming style. The vocals very much are in that occult and sinister Black metal vein. As times they remind me of Emperor, Dissection and Immortal. There is a bombastic and raw element to the over all style but that Melodic Swedish Death element keep coming out the same way it does for Marduk and Watain.. From the Press sheet tells the story of what Nawaharjan is best of all " Lokabrenna is a conceptual work based around the Thursian Brandawegiz system, which is built upon the nine locks of Sinmara’s chest within the dark, liberating side of Germanic mythology. Each of the songs on the album symbolizes one of these locks and acts as a devotional hymn to Loki and a way to unlock his potential within oneself ". I think with this we will close out the review and let you explore the realms of Nawaharjan.

KRYPTA NICESTWA -Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw- Digital/One Sided LP/ CD  ( HARVEST OF DEATH/Signal Rex)

What do we have here  4 tracks and 21 mins of old school Polish pagan Black metal . Now this is unsettling , atmospheric and primitive sounding Black metal were I hear elements of early  Behemoth, Graveland, Mercyful Fate, Profanatica and new bands like Midnight. There are some more thrashing moments here as well but I would call this well done primitive  Pagan Black/ Thrash. There are some folkish surprises here and there and this is what many this journey all the more thrilling to explore and listen too. KRYPTA NICESTWA like that demo style and sound and again the less produced elements really work to the advantage of a release like this . From the artwork to presentation to overall themes. KRYPTA NICESTWA dig from the past to make sure in 2020 we never forget where all this came from.

Runescarred -The Distant Infinite- Digital( Self-Released)

This Texas metallic machine  seems to be coming to us from the ashes of  Dead Earth Politics. What we have is a fantastic manic journey of  80's/ 90's Prog/Power metal meets melodic Thrashing and Classic metal styles . As I listen to this the 1st few things that come to mind are Iced Earth, Nevermore, Symphony X and Watchtower. There are moments where they seem to loved elements of some of their Texas brothers like  Galactic  Cowboys, Texas Hippe Coalition  and Ignitor. The throaty vocal style gives me that late 80's German Thrash of Sodom, Destruction and Kreator too. Runescarred are even at times reminding me of bands like Early Metal Church and Vicious Rumors.. So yes retro would be a good term but not in at cheese or cover band way. They are trying to put a very fresh look on it. The vocalist Ven has a diverse range and does sound a lot like a mix between Matt barlow ( Iced earth) and Jason McMaster ( Watchtower, Dangerous toys,  HOWLING SYCAMORE). With that I leave this heavy metal carnival to you to explore and enjoy the same as I have.

The Osedax- Meridians- Digital  ( Self Release)

So look at what is peering it's ugly head out of the ground in Virginia . They would be be called  The Osedax and the mix elements of Black metal/ Noise rock/sludge/doom and post-metal into something that is as terrifying and it is atmospheric and spellbinding. The Osedax is truly a sonic wall of destruction refusing for one moment to let good of its suffocation grip of feedback , army of rumbling bass line and crush vocal fury .. The Drumming plays a major role in this band as it seem to follow the tempo and process of where this skinsmen takes the band into another dimension of musical creativity.. The Osedax are so sludgy and heavy when the blackened and post metal comes in its almost a relief for a moment to get your barrings to continue of the travels.  I was not ready for such a dense over all presentation of a record and an album that drive the emotion where they want it. These four tracks have just floored me and funny as I hear elements of bands like  Floor, Cult of Luna, Primitive Man, Xasthur and Deinonychus. I promise you after one or two listens you will never be the same and that is in the best of way .