4 elements to make Saturday a less shitty day !!!

 Unbegotten- Manifestion-  Tape ( Nebular Carcoma)

Occult, Raw and Sinister sounding  Black metal from Spain. On a Tape release and almost gone as I'm reading from the label.  Unbegotten gives me the feeling of the early days of  Scandinavian and Polish Black metal were the atmosphere and lo fi brutality is what was wanted to make the music and vocals all the more unsettling and it work well here again. This is not an easy Black metal listen and that is the beauty of the old school ways of this style. There is very much a melodic and hypnotic side to the way this is presented is the over all picture.  I'm not always drawn to music like this but with Unbegotten you have very much peaked my interest. Originally released on vinyl by the esteemed Altare Productions as well so if you love vinyl it may still be out there. 

Ghost Toast - Shape Without Form- Digital/CD ( Inverse)

Hungry I don't see as many bands from there a few I love are Sear Bliss and Ektomorf. What Ghost Toast are giving me are an over the top Prog metal force that I feel has a ton of love for bands like  Scale the Summit, Haken and Pain of Salvation and Porcupine Tree. This is all instrumental minus a few vocal samples here and there. I'm totally Bewildered by the talent and musical chops going on here. From Fragile to full on metallic maelstrom. The heavy parts are so much in play with those amazing  Piano and synth elements. Ghost Toast is very much that term I love to use " Thinking mans music" as there are so many layers and levels going on here . One listen will make you fall very short on all the magic going on. The cover is even a piece to the greater puzzle here . Unlock the door with the key and we have a whole new aural world to visit and explore .

Insect Ark -The Vanishing- Digital/CD/LP ( Profound Lore)

Every time I hear this  Brooklyn NYC Duo I hear a bit more original and interesting ideas and musical takes on the world. This be the 2nd or 3rd album I have had the honor to check out I would call Insect Ark  Electronic Post Rock meets Spaghetti Western meets  Instrumental Doom. Honestly I just simply love this band and it's soundscape of a journey I live over and over again every time I pick up an Insect Ark release and listen. I love those Slide guitars and that southern and Americana overtone I get shining through so much . These two must love Earth, Crazy Horse and Russian Circles that all I can really say . Insect Ark please just keep doing what you're doing and I will keep listening and praising it from the towers above !!!

 Khost- Buried Steel-Digital/ CD ( Cold Spring )

Birmingham, UK industrial Doom Power house ... FUCK YA !!!! If you are into early Pitch Shifter, Godflesh, P.H.O.B.O.S, Treponem Pal  mixed with Napalm Death, Fudge Tunnel and some stuff like  Section 305, Mz412 and Author & Punisher then you know what Khost is all about and you need this in your life right now. This is earth shattering and kicking my ass hardcore. You can feel the pain, struggle and power in each and every track here.  When you have guests like this on an album you know you are going in right direction  Stephen Mallinder (CABARET VOLTAIRE, WRANGLER), Syan, Eugene Robinson (OXBOW), Manuel Liebeskind, Daniel Buess (16-17, MIR) and Stephen Ah Burroughs (TUNNELS OF AH, ex-HEAD OF DAVID). The Driving Electronic drums and those vocal passages and just apocalyptic tones I hear . Lovingly trying to fry those speakers. Khost thank you for making this Saturday well a viral pandemic is happening just a little bit less shitty ..