Noisy Math Grinding Madman Orphan Donor interview is up

1.Being the Drummer of Secret Cutter what are you trying to bring about with Orphan Donor you can not with Secret Cutter?

If anything it's a bit of a softer side of myself that shines through the more melodic parts of orphan donor. There's just certain things I can't do in Cutter which tends to build up some extra creativity. So it's a great outlet for anything in my head I know we'd never use.

2. As Orphan Donor you have several full lengths and some Split albums how do the tie into Old Patterns if in any way  ?

They are pretty much just a view of the growth of my journey with music, I think it's apparent in the song writing and production. They don't really tie into each other, but most of the releases to signify some sort of personal growth.

3. When I hear Old Patterns by Orphan Donor. The Bands that come to mind are  Fudge tunnel, Mike Patton Solo work, Today is the day, Kiss it Goodbye and Brutal Truth . What Bands have inspired you?

Jeromes Dream, As the Sun Sets, Examination of the..., Kaospilot, pg. 99, Orchid. 

4. I always have to ask why a solo one man project is it more freeing this way?

Well it's a nice way to fully experiment with whatever comes to mind and just keep things more free-form. Cutter has a polish to the song writing that I think donor is a bit more relaxed and things tend to just happen for me when it's not being forced. If something resonates with me then i know i'm going to use it.

5. You seem to be fully DIY is that by choice or just over time you didn't need a label?

I mean it was more so just a thing for me, sure I'd love it to reach the masses as much as it could...but it's more or less a therapy to go through the creative process and have no idea what's coming out the other side. It's a great way to lose this sense of reality and just full be present with what shows up. So the logistics of finding labels and getting exposure was never really the point for me. Luckily Zegema Beach were cool enough to help me out with cassettes and Dave over at Earsplit PR helped me get this release out more. I'm forever grateful for their efforts! 

6. If someone were to listen to Orphan Donor for 1st time give me 5 words to explain the bands sound?

Chaos, ethereal, abrasive, manic, complex.

7. Bandcamp seems to be the new Myspace and Facebook for bands how has the digital age changed underground music for the better or worse?

I think it's a double-edged sword, especially with so many artists now that can make records in their own homes now. It's a tidal wave of information everyday and the access to the infinite. So people like me is very hard to poke through the noise of what's out there, there's just so much good stuff, and equally bad stuff, and it's all just so accessible now for basically free. But it's nice to have a platform like BC to let fans actually pay the bands they love directly for their efforts, minus the fees of course.  

8. If you could make a video for any track off  Old Patterns which would it be and how would you like it to look?

Actually there is one for Salvia is a Bitch. James Revelle is a master at his art. He also did an older video from the first record as well. 9988 off Orphan Donor self titled

9. Would you ever want Orphan Donor to be a live projects or does the studio make all the racket you will ever need for this band?

For now I'm happy with just creating it in my home. It would be difficult for me to manage my time with two bands. One is hard enough with everything else going on in my life.

10. Do you feel Noise Rock,Grind and PostHardcore are all just children under one pissed off Mother and if not how do these sound work well together in your case?

Sure, It's like each kid wants to be an individual and expand on whatever it is that makes them unique, which is great. There's certain elements I gravitate towards so its nice to have sub genres of any type of music to get your fix. I tend to try and mash all those elements I love together. 

11.The artwork of  Old Patterns is pretty fuck up tell us why you used this and how does it tie to the theme of album?

I've always supported James and his art from the very beginning, The artwork was just something he threw at me and I immediately went for it. In a way it signifies what most of this release is about. I was swallowed up by some pretty bad patterns that were consuming me in many ways, and creating this album was a way to break out of these old habits. It's kind of perfect for the overall theme of the album.

12. If I was you call you Math Grind how would you take it as a pro or con?

I'm all about it! I'm open to any interpretation of what i'm doing so if that's what seems to fit for you i'm totally cool with that.  

13. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Thanks for the time asking me these questions! And don't lick any handrails.