Came back for more... Round 2 of this extreme music sickness..

Cemetery Filth- Dominion-Digital/LP/Tape/CD  (Unspeakable Axe Records / Boris Records )

Old School Ass kicking Death metal that is a mix of  Grave, Immolation, Dismember, Entombed and Autopsy is all in here fast, ugly, bitting and catchy as all hell. This is bringing me back to those Early 90's days of  Roadracer, Nuclear blast, Relapse and Earache days.  Those mid tempo mosh riffs just make me go crazy and then its back to the insanity all over again. The razor snarl vocals and those fury filled drums with Soars leads that come from the extreme thrash world. This is really were Thrash and Death metal mix. I love that buzz saw tone . it has always driven the Death metal I've been draw too. THIS IS DEATH METAL!!!!

Nuclear Winter- Night Shift- Digital (Self Released )

Zimbabwe’s  have you ever heard of a metal band from there? how about a Synth inspired Melodic Black/ Death metal force that seems to be inspired by bands like  Samael, Dark Tranqulity , The Kovenant, ,Insomnium, Scar Symmetry to name a few. The mix of Clean and hars vocals . There is a symphony of electronics going on here as well as well as last but not least Progressive and Heathen metal ideals.  The overall presentation is more then impressive and the production is tight and brutal in the way its arrangement . Nuclear Winter is a wall of sonic waves flowing endlessly.  I was taken a back by this Imagine  Ayreon, Nightwish or Blind Guardian going Electro Black Death and you will fully get this brilliant release. 

Saltas- Mors Salis-:Opus I - Digital/LP (Nuclear War Now! Productions )

From the Frozen North of Sweden comes Saltas.. If I'm allowed classify this in the most fuck up of ways  I will start with  Atmospheric, Blackened Doom Noise ... Saltas sounds like it is slowly crawling on its belly out of the underworld one painful dig inch by inch. Saltas is the equivelant of musical madness. Nightmares hide from sounds like this as that is what terrorfies them. Saltas is thier very own occult war machine. I know many that try to listen to this it will be too much and you will turn back but for those that can hear the beauty and majesty of what Saltas is creating it will haunt you to listen to the Hymns of the occult over and over again.