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Order of Orias -Ablaze-  Digital, LP, CD  ( W.T.C. Productions) 

Nine years since last full length from Australia's ORDER OF ORIAS. Thedid a single 13+ minutes track for a split with Aosoth in 2015 but other then that lets see what this mysterious blackened Astral metal force has created. Well with the first track I can tell you we have some very atmospheric and powerful post Black metal going on. There are some very avant moments happening here but tonally and just by the delicate and bombastic going on within just this first track. We need to understand all six of the tracks avg about 6 to 8 mins so you are getting a full experience here . If it takes nine years to get and album like this then I look forward to my next decade of a brilliant creation from Australia's ORDER OF ORIAS right around 2029 . I have to say the production is a masterpiece. So full and each piece can be heard just there is this  dense overall presentation. The vocals are sinister yes give me the same feeling that  band like  Behemoth and Marduk do.  At times them have many similarities to both those artist and yes very much to bands like  Aosoth ,Blut aus Nord, Death Spell Omega to name a few.  There again is a Magic, Mystery and very Occult overtone here and just makes it all the more appealing to listen too.

Fluisteraars- Bloem-Digital, LP, CD  ( Eisenwald)

With this groups third album Fluisteraars brings us elements of  Black metal, Post Rock, Shoe-gazing and Folk all into something that really sounds like a mix of bands like  Fen,  Alcest, Solefald and Fleurety but what the fuck do I know as there are some weirdo avant noisy, electronic and arty elements going on too so throw that into the pot. This is what I would say you get from amazing labels like  D.M.P, Prophecy Productions and Norma Evangelium Diaboli just to tickle your fancy. I really do enjoy the genre bending and folding style of Post Black metal and with these Dutch folks of  Fluisteraars we are getting just that. As the album goes on I hear elements more and more of  Drudkh, Negura bunget and Wyrd. The Folk and Heathen side of the band grows as the album continues to where it almost gives a Prog  Post Black metal experience that bands like  Enslaved have really mastered over the last few album.  As you can see this album by Fluisteraars is a collection or unique journeys and will take you on many different ideals and musical landscapes.

Häxanu- Snare of All Salvation-Digital, CD   ( Amor Fati)

Occult, Ethereal, Spacial driving  Black metal with some very buried electronic, midevial and symphonic touches it almost reminds me when bands bands like  Emperor and Dimmu borgir started to add other elements into the very raw style the started off with . Alex Poole (Krieg, Skáphe) is the musical mastermind behind  this with someone named L.C. doing the very grim and hateful blackened vocals  ( which fit amazingly well to the over all epic meets noisy and raw presentation). The Noisy ambient tones really had to the overall sonic vision of the album as a whole. It reminds me of the most pissed of of 1st wave  Polish and Swedish Black metal bands then 2nd wave Norwegian  folks with the atmosphere and harsh tonality. Häxanu is another one of those twisted travels for a band that wants to mix several styles through out the blackened landscapes and does it all rather well. They are just threading the needle for so many folks this is not going to be an album for those of you looking for something that is more melodic or ultra brutal as Häxanu really had so many layers here its just fucking impressive.