These 3 are actually too much amazingness for one review session so.... YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!

Gaahl's Wyrd- GastiR – Ghosts invited-CD/ Digital/LP (Season of Mist )

Gorgoroth and Godseed seems like a lifetime again for Gaahl's. With  " GastiR-Ghost invited" is a step or more a departure from the more raw Black metal days of old. With this album we going into a more spacial post metal and avant realm of the Black/Doom world.There are so many layers in vocals and musical sounds. At time this album could me more a heavy avant prog metal release them Black metal and them other moments I hear full on Doom metal somber and sorrow filled tones. At times the cover really says it all its a mix of  Primitive, Ritualistic and Gothic overtone. I love the clean meets grim vocals as well. There is always what I would call a very post punk side to this album . Gaahl has really found a very creative and power band to back his ideals. At the end of the day we have something that is flowing over many genre's sound and  vision will be different to every , everytime they listen.

 Darkthrone- Old Star-CD/ Digital/ LP (Peaceville)

Can you really believe Darkthrone is on a 4th decade and still making  grim and power music on this level some bands can not even make it three album without imploding. With " Old Star" We do have a move into a more classic  " Heavy Metal" overtone with that Punk Black and Roll element they have being giving out over the last few albums.  I will say it does have a dirty overtone then the last and a much more pissed off vibe. I think that is the heavy noisy punk side really showing up like it did in earlier Black metal bands of early 90's from Scandinavia . The album cover even points to a more retro raw black movement. This Duo of  Culto and  Fenriz have really made some  cult and controversial release. At time this totally reminds me more of  Celtic Frost, Manowar and Bathory then something that would normally be  Darkthrone but it works so well. Gentlemen keep it up is all can say and I hope you continue in this direction as it really one of the most imnpressive I've heard from you . It even gets doomy in that  Worship and Cathedral way . Peaceville this guys are still kicking major ass for sure.

Destrage- The Chosen One-CD/ Digital/ LP (Metal Blade)

This  Italian force has been going on for over a decade and I can not believe this is the 1st time I've heard them . They mix so may elements I adore . Prog metal, Metalcore, Alt Metal, Jazzy, Noise rock ,Thrash and Power metal.  Again it's one of those bands look at the album cover and you know you are getting something very different. I would say this is a mix of  Devin Townsend, Opeth, Faith No More,Dillenger Escape Plan,  The Red Chord, Testament and Shining (Norway), Periphery,  Aminals as Leaders and  Everytime I Die. I think I just made this as muddy as possible on a sunny day and this is very much here this band is at . It mixes  Brutality, Pop, Hard Rock, Prog and Noise into something that will fuck with the listeners mind and man we can always use more bands like this in the world. The arrangements are second to none and the write songs you will clearly never forget I will be going into there past and listen to earlier album as if they are half as good as this one then Metal Blade was on the ball knowing what they are getting . Destrage could be an extreme music band that could break into the mainstream again like  Slayer, Pantera and Slipknot did before them. Mindblowing shit going on here and all need to listen .