Fury and Fire Reigns Edition ...

Immortal Bird- Thrive on Neglect- CD/ Digital/ LP ( 20 Buck Spin )

This album number two and is years in the making . The first album was a noisy post hardcore meets sludgy blackened metal adventure. Where do you think we come in on album two.  All of the venom and snarl is still there I would say they have moved more into a progressive and avant side of creativity. I hear so much in common with bands like  Oathbreaker, Converge and  Code Orange these days were they mix in the Blackened Metalcore . At times this really reminds me of bands like Carnifex and Heaven Shall Burn. The Complexity and just off the wall stuff that is going on here vocally and musically is beyond words. The dissident tones and layers of  melodic and grim just truly bring chills to the listener. This is an emotional rollcoaster of sounds and ideas. It is even more impressive then the last album and I still listen to  "Empress/Abcess". There is such a proggy / jazzy element to all of this album that ties it all together. If you love  Post Hardorce, Black Metal, Deathcore and Prog Metal this is going to just blow your mind.  July can not come soon enough for the world to witness one of the best of 2019 !!!

Fuming Mouth-The Grand Descent-CD/Digital/LP (Triple B Records)

So many bands are going back to that dirty 90's Grinding Death Thrash soind and with Fuming Mouth you can add Sludgy and Hardcore elements into the mix to make one of the most ugly stomping catchy records I have heard in while image for a moment Celtic Frost, Cavity, Dismember, Noothgrush, Power trip ,Coroner and Napalm Death all as one band this is what I getting here and with all the darkness on this earth this is a fucking stream roller of an album and never bores you for a moment I want more and more . This is so damn catchy and brutal. The vocals are screaming and crying out to a world that has forgotten them.  There is even at times this full on Faster Doomy side of Fuming Mouth. "Crusty Thrashing Metalcore" there you go I created another Sub sub sub genre for another band breaking boundries in the best of ways.  3 guys and a wall of sonic fury that could not be better. 


There is an ugliness with Death metal in the last few years that is really making me like  the sound again they like to add a spacial and left of center to the style especially bands like Outer Heaven, Tomb Mold, Horrendous and Rivers of Nihil . This is were I see Fetid stepping in and putting a bit more of the Gore side of it all into this style.  Death metal needs these ultra low and sick vocals at times to make the music sound even more rotting and swamp like. The production here is amazing and  Fetid themselves are a techincal musical force in there own right . I do not want to call this gore metal as it is not as all it's just deep ugly and sinister Death metal that is going to keep me coming back for sure.  20 Buck Spin as of late has been seen as a home from some very impressive over the top metal band and with Fetid this continues without fail. I love that almost early relapse Incanatation meets Mortician sound going on here . The power and fire going on from track to track is so just asskicking I don't know how to close this review other then ... Why are you not already checking them out .

Deathspell Omega The Furnaces of Palingenesia-CD/ Digital/LP ( Norma Evangelium Diaboli )

Perfection for Perfections Sake... What more can really be said of a band that really created the Post/ Avant Black metal style.  This French force just continue on the journey of mixing Occult, Heathen and Satanic element into the Blackened Death metal realm and then twist it on it's ear with moments of prog rock, classic metal, jazz and haunting sounds. For the hell of it (yes see I'm good at this lol) say lets now make post rock sounds come into the mix with a folky twist just to mess with your mind more. Deathspell omega is as epic and it is sinister and mindwarping. I'm not going to drag out a review a band that need nothing more really said if you live for  Avant Black Death then this is were to start and all others will be round two.. 


Ares Kingdom By the Light of Their Destruction- CD/LP/Digital (Nuclear War Now! ) 

20 yrs ago + there was a little known band called Order from Chaos that came from the Midwest and put Death metal and thrash on its ass. Well forward 20 + yrs and those guys are still going strong with Ares Kingdom the only difference really is there are some Black metal movement that have been added into the mix. Other then that we have a face ripping  Death metal band that still love the the German and NYC Thrash elements mixed in. I could go through and mention bands that are influenced or have been influenced but why? Ares Kingdom makes the kind of Death thrash you just want to jump and slam around to and the catchy side of this is were the extremity works the best. We need dirty and nasty in our metal and the talent to make it sound powerful and fresh at times. Again we are not reinventing the wheel but Ares Kingdom are a band like  Morbid Angel ... When you hear them you know it's them!!!!