When oddity is normalcy, we come full circle with the art that makes sense of it all...

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION -Soumises à la procréation-Digital/CD  ( XENOKORP )

Ugly and  unrelenting Death metal with some  Tech and  extreme thrash elements is what I'm getting from Savage Annihilation on this French barbaric onslaught. This has 4 originals and I Deicide and Mercyless so it should tell you the 90's Death meets Thrash vibe you will get from these guys. If you like your extreme metal old school welcome home you sick son of bitch. Brutal and Low end is what you get. There is a full on sickness in tone and arrangements going on with this duo. The production is so thick and heavy too work amazingly well with all that is going on. Soumises à la procréation is limited to 500 copies on CD never to be reprinted again . Otherwise it's the digital realm for you. This is a good beginning to this round of reviews I can say that for sure .

R.O.T. -Revolution Of Two-Digital (EFTM Records/Vault Lab Recordings)

I don't know what to think of this Italian band they mix  Death metal, Grooves, Funk, Punk, Hardcore and Thrash into something that reminds me of   Deadhorse, Anthrax, Mordred and Jungle Rot, Hatebreed, God Forbid and Shadows Fall. I'm not sure I like or fucking hate there there are moments where its interesting as all get out then they go into Shadows Fall moments or God  Forbid and I truly hate this band. I really like when they are groovy fucked up with odd vocals  and funky , sludgy riffs and sound like Deadhorse lol. The Synths are used in a very odd way over all too. I think R.O.T. is going to take many more listens before I can say if I like them or not. They has this wierd  Dog Fashion Disco and Acid Bath Vibe going on which are both love/hate bands for me as well. Sometimes you just need to take the good with the bad and grow. I going to see where this band takes me over the course of time .  

Funeral Leech- Death Meditation-Digital/LP (Carbonized Record)

Well Damn here we go  this is Doom meets Ugly Slow and sinister Death metal. The 1st things I hear are Outer Heaven, Tomb Mold, Cianide, Bolt Thrower and  Blood Incantation. Do we really need to say more  holy shit Funeral Leech are crushing it on all levels here . I want 10 more records by you now !!!!. It Crusty, Doomy, Slamming , Mid tempo and Catchy and nasty as all hell. Listen to the riffs and cavernous and guttural wonderful vocals going on. It has the massive riffs  Bolt Thrower and Cianide are known for!!! This as close as any Death metal band can to a total Doom fest. I not going to give anything but praise to this behemoth of a release and will be listening to it 20, 30 damn 100 times as that how much this album is speaking to me. It's giving those 1st time chills  Tomb Mold gave me when I heard them. Music will never be the same after Funeral Leech and that says something.

Hammer the Sky- AARNI- Digital ( Inverse Records)

 4 tracks of  Finnish Ambient/ Folk . This reminds me of the Prison albums of Burzum , Parts of  Summoning,  Tenhi, The Folk sides of Dornenreich, Corvus Corax and Lord Wind. This brings in the most primitive of feelings simple percussion, acoustic strings, Scandinavian Pagan and Folk elements and a Dark Occult /Pagan over tone to it all with the deep tone and ritualistic vocals that over lay this as  whole.  I heard Negura Bunget , Triarii and Puissance.  Let you feel like the story of creation and how we got to modern man came about. I love Pagan and Heathen music like this. It really does recharge the soul and make you think about what is truly important after it all. Let the Gods of old and the traditions that make the world a close knit tribe come back with a few listens to  Hammer the Sky.

Khôra -Timaeus - Digital/LP/CD (Soulseller Records)

So  I'm going to be  very blunt with what I hear with this album and that just means it knows what to do and how to do so very well. So do not say its a clone as its not . Khora have some really innovative Ideas and challenges going on. This is the love child of  Ihshan, And Oceans, Borknagar and Cradle of Filth . Have  guest member of  D.H.G, And Oceans and Finntroll just make it all the more solid of the  Avant  Atmospheric  Post Black metal it's creating with every note and alignment . You can hear  Code, D.H.G, Satyricon, Arcturus and Emperor as well. At times I would swear  Garm and  Simen from  Arcturus and Borknagar are the vocalist . The music is a total take on what  Ihshan and And Oceans have created over the last Decade. This album is just stellar. There is no need to bullshit about it . Futuristic, Forward thinking and  just odd in the greatest of ways. Khora thank you for coming into my life and letting me hear this gem. That is two in this  review cycle that have been just mindblowing ..