Celestial and Darkened Travels await thee in these times of uncertainty

APOLLO STANDS - MINDS- Digital/CD ( Self Released )

So these UK upstarts after releasing an album on Glasstone record are putting this E.P out themselves. What I hear is  Electro Power, Prog, Classic , Thrash metal elements with a Modern Metal element . I hear alot of bands like God Forbid, Bad Wolves, Chimara, Fozzy and All That Remains. The Rapping elements do seem a bit out of place but are short and didnt effect the album as a whole. Love the  European Electro Metal over tone that comes  through. Its almost what bands like Inflames or Scar Symmetry is doing. It gives the album an orchestral and very epic feeling. The heavy grooves work in the same way the did for bands like  Sepultura and Down. You will know what I mean the minute you listen to Apollo Stands . So I'm going to leave this in your hands now to decide it a bit of more NU metal vibe then I like at times  but those catchy melodies and crushing grooves  that almost sound like the more pissed off Pantera moments work too. Just check it out already.

Funeralopolis- ...of Deceit and Utter Madness- Digital/CD  (Memento Mori)

This is some of the  most Grinding  Blackened  Death/Doom I have heard in a while . The vocals are just Torturous to say the least. These Swiss madmen remind me of  Cianide, Winter, Disembowelment, Incantation , ( Soulside Period  Darkthrone) and Brutal truth all rolled into one. This album is Nasty, Crusty, Heavy, Blistering and Slow and rumbling all at the same time. It has that early Relapse and Nuclear Blast vibe with production too. Where the muddy and swampy overtone work to the favor of a band like like Funeralopolis. At times I want to say this is a Black Doom album that was recorded in a tunnel and that is a good thing fuckers.  Ok ok you get it. This album has hooked into my flesh and will not be going anywhere but repeat on the P.C. over and over again.

Into Pandemonium- Darkest Rise- Digital ( Self Released )

From Ohio with 3  Guitarist and 6 total members we get Into Pandemonium and what I would call it is a journey into Chaos, Nightmares, Hope, Visions and Challenges. This is Atmospheric ,Progressive,  Blackened Death with a healthy dose of over the top  Extreme Thrash elements.  Into Pandemonium is the kind of band you see live and feel like you've heard it before but don't know where and for the rest of the night you are thrashing out to the music that stays in your head between the other bands playing that night.  The talent level is high on this beast of a release and it shows as there is really so much going on 4-5 listens and you will still be finding new things you like about them.  The occult element is major with these boys too so you have to like that in your metal or its going to piss you off. I feel like the really love Celtic Frost and Bathory more then  they are ever going to admit. Into Pandemonium you have a real winner here. I look to the future and what holds next a true game changer .

DomJord-Sporer-  Digital/LP/CD (Vidfare Productions (a division of NoEvDia) & The AJNA Offensive )

Folks there are times you just start listening to an album and it throws you for the biggest loop you had in a while. Looking at band name and album cover I was expecting Black metal or so  Pagan Doom band and what do my stunned ears get Electro , Ethno, Ambient Doom inspired Atmospheric heathen soundscapes. DomJord is what Burzum wanted to be with his electronic albums or were band like  Blut aus Nord I feel like are heading with each more electric release. Imagine if  NIN was more minimalist and took hold to the heathen blackened flame. DomJord I'm digging this but was not ready for a full on electronic album. So thank you for making me see another way a band can be creepy and sinister without full on aggression.

Dawn of Ouroboros- The Art of Morphology- Digital, LP,CD( Rain Without End Records ) 

There are two big shockers for me with  Dawn of Ouroboros. How amazingly deep powerful , guttural and then melodic and angelic the vocals are of  Chelsea and how damn progressive and folky the over all tone of this  Atmospheric Black/Death band are.  Imagine with me if  Early Opeth,  Ishahn, Edge of Sanity and Third and the Mortal came full full circle into one band you would have  Dawn of Ouroboros. There is an eerie overtone to this album that work with the over the top meets fragile and sparse elements that are flowing through out the album. I really feel there is something in the Bay area that makes band so unique and again it is working more then well for  Dawn of Ouroboros.  I feel this  Cradle of Filth meets  Hecate Enthroned vocal and musical vibe going on a lot through out the album as well. Man those bombastic and orchestral gothic parts are just down right chilling and brilliant. The Art of Morphology is a must listen so begin now.