Kadaver Review Showdown 3 versions of one mind...

Kadaver- Watch it Die- Digital/Tape ( Murderabila Records)

Folks sometimes two long ass tracks of  harsh noise with a wall of  hiss, piss and vinegar is really what the fuck you are looking for. The over the top screams, cries and moans that as ultra fuzzed out and droning in their own soup on noise and reverb are just the cherry on top of track one. It's like an endurance race . Some are just not going to be able to make it to the end being 1st track clocks in at almost 20 minutes. Watch it die will unsettle most but for me the harsh and brash tones are just what I look for in this style. Ah here comes the 2nd track also clocking at almost 20 minutes . Track B is less harsh and more a mix of FM radio between dials and listening to a thunderstorm on a tin roof. I love the Static meets Noisy drones that I feel coming from this . Close to 40 minutes and I look to see where Kadaver takes me next.

Kadaver - All You Can Hate- Digital/Tape ( Under the sign)

With Kadaver this time its a 3 track affair the 1st is over 20 mins and called Vive la Vivisection. What the fuck do you think were going to hear. Well this time it's more of a hypnotic and driving Noise meet power electronics vibe with some very demonic and sinister vocals manipulated in the background. Kadaver seems more pissed off and focused in 2019 and 2020 then I've heard before . Experiments with harsh and nightmares tones can lead to horrible outcomes but with this gentlemen and I use the term loosely. Kadaver is keeping it very fierce to say the least on 1st two of three tracks. The grinding and scraping of feedback and pedal noise always makes me smile. The third and final track is a 4 minute journey of occultist dark rumbles, drifts and low end torment. Very differ but no less impressive. Actual this third track is the most unsettling and unnerving of all and makes me like it most .

Kadaver - Too Much of a Good Thing- Digital/Tape ( Black Ring Rituals)

So this gem is broken into 6 part and where this differs from the other is the more high end tones, Power tool like sound and almost like a blown transistor radio going through a feed back loop is how we start this journey. Again the fuzzed out reverbed noise continues on the next track . Kadaver seems to work best when he has time to let the track breathe and give you that sense of madness. I love pedal altering and modification and all that is going on here. Through out the next several track you have an other worldly feel and sound to them then we get to track four and the broken over driven speaker start to spew out its darkened hymn. At time time the last few track of sonic sounds of murder and evil doings comes across as loud and clear. Sometime all you need is a sure mic and few contacts and pedals to overdrive your blood lust. Thank you for the memories Kadaver.