A Trinity of sonic examples of this day of a Bunny that lays eggs..

An Autumn For Crippled Children- All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet- Digital,LP,CD ( Prosthetic Records)

So I will never understand why this band gets so much shit as they mix some of the most  Beautiful , Haunting and  Ugly ideas into something that is as uplifting and twisted as disturbing. I would say An Autumn For Crippled Children are a mix of  Noise, Shoegaze, Black Metal and Post Rock/Metal into something that is all their own. I mean we going from sounds of bands like  Low, Alcest, Wolves in the throne room, Wolvserpent to  Pixies, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Russian circles. For the love of fuck there are even Surf rock and Doom elements through out . That they can crank out so many records that stay above the curve and impress so much all the more power to them. Yes it's a odd name for a very interesting and diverse band. If you like to be challenged by your music and always find something new then  look no further then  An Autumn For Crippled Children. Now with a label with a much bigger push this could be the time for the band to break into new levels of fandom. It's all I can hope for.

Muvitium- Evighetens Cirkel- Digital/ CD (Purity Through Fire)

Ah the Swedes if there is one thing they know how to create is atmosphere in Black metal and with Muvitium this is so very clear. There is that chilling and occult side of this release as well. I would say a Melody and Folk feeling that is much stronger then I expected at well. It has the 90's aesthetic to it as well. When  Atmospheric Black metal has that pagan element is were most of these bands really excel and aces here my misunderstood friends. The Vocals are very Grimm and tortured and I think that works even more with the cold thin and often cleaner and over reverbed guitars. Thumbs wat up for the old school Black and white album cover of the forests in fog. Really sets the mood for the album at large. While "Evighetens Cirkel" is not under produced it is not over produced as well . We have a very strong middle ground of  raw , lo-fi  and clearly hearing the  Vocals, guitar, bass, synths and drums. For a debut very well done event though Swartadaulpuz has been at this for a while with other bands such as (GREVE, Azelisassath, Bekëth Nexëhmü, Digerdöden, Gnipahålan, Musmahhu, Mystik, Summum, Trolldom, Daudadagr). Purity Through Fire really does understand the atmosphere of old school Black metal and has been releasing so gems as of late. 

Azure Emote- The Third Perspective- Digital/CD ( Self Made God)

What the fuck have I gotten myself into here . Azure Emote I'm finding you as a 3rd album is released. I'm going to put a strong of words together now to describe what I'm hearing and yes they all are part of this    Prog, Symphonic, Ethno, Oriental, Eastern, Tech Death, Sci Fi, Viking, Black/Death and Bizarre Electronics.  This like  Sigh, Bal Sagoth, Mithras, The Kovenant,  Arcturus, Oxiplegatz and Chthonic all got together and created something as grandiose and sinister and mind expanding as music being created today. I love the  Black metal, electronics and strings all going at same time. Self Made God you are a jack of all trades for labels and releases. Where the hell did this come from ? Forget it just keep getting me more like this and send it my way to review. I truly don't words with how amazing this album is. I'm going back to check out  Azure Emote other two releases and hope they are even half of what " The Third Perspective" is!!!!