It's the madness speaking tommy I swear..

Myth of I -Myth of I- Digital/CD/LP ( The Artisan Era)

When a band can not rely on vocals to add a layer to their craft how does it change the over all presentation? With  Myth of I who I would say love to add progressive, jazzy and post metal elements into what is at the end of the day  a Tech Death band  is very impressive to say the least . You can hear  vibes of Scale the summit and  Between the buried and me for sure also with some strong  Opeth, Gorguts, Behold the Arctopus and Meshuggah going on. There are some sweet catchy riffs going on and bass and drum heavy avant jazz things going on there. Myth of I have a very stop/start element going on as well that works beyond a dream here. The solos are never over the top and almost work as the vocal moments as least as I'm hearing them. I really love those jazzy interludes the most and it makes the heavy side sound all the more impressive and powerful. The musicianship is really jawdropping here and really feel this album is going to get lost to many as the vocals are not there. Myth of I need to be in you collection and spoken about to all Tech Death fans that like that fractured jazzy and bluesy overtones..

CHROME WAVES/ GRIDFAILURE  -Split- Digital ( Self Released)

I will have to say Chrome waves impressed the shit out of me with Debut of jazzy avant post metal with  goth/black/doom elements and they are starting off with a Katatonia meet Anathema meets Ulver moment for me here. Fuck Chrome waves you have my musical loves really dialed in. The part of the release are the 1st 3 track taking up 25 minutes. What I like most is the spacial meets bombastic way of creating by the band. There are very ambient moments and full on post black or doom movements. Nice touch on Joy Division cover as it adds that post punk/cold wave vibe in very much so. They sound so much like  This Empty flow as times I really dig that as well. Next up Gridfailure which as grown up musically and sonically is a very impressive way of the last few releases. Dave you to be much more noisey and ugly with this part of the split the avant, ethno/ambient and even dark tribal elements are here. Were Gridfailure shine is with the sinister minimalist meets subdued harsh and nightmarish overtone. You can feel the fury building and want to come to you as a climax but it never pushes that boundary. The percussion is off putting in a good way . The all over unsettling elements is working so well. Gridfailure at times is so close to  Musique Konkret themes and then goes more into Power electronics and Death Industrial realms.  The two styles shouldn't work but they do nice work gentlemen. Nice work..

Behold The Arctopus- Hapeleptic Overtrove - Digital/CD/LP (Willowtip Records / P2)

So with any album by Behold the arctopus you are going to get a told mindfuck and they are a total love/hate moment for anyone in their path. We have over the top Avant Jazz Death/Prog metal. I want to say mix John Zorn, Mike Patton, Bogus Blimp, Kayo Dot, Watchtower and Sleepytime  Gorilla Museum. There are so many wonderful abstract eleements and ideas going on with each and every track. The odd percussion patterns, odd tuning's and why everything is just presented. I love instrumental music I know this is a burden to many but i feel it can be a way to let yourself into sonic worlds that are not possible otherwise. Noise , Metal, Prog and  Jazz are really brothers and sisters of the same lineage. I'm not sure what is really going on with the artwork hear but in the same mashing of visuals this is the way  Behold the arctopus creates its aural journey into what must be said is groundbreaking and forward thinking in the best of ways.

Cryptworm- Reeking Gunk Abhorrence- Digital, LP,CD (Me Saco Un Ojo/ Pulverised)

Yes ugly, nasty, sludgy old school Death metal with the bass heavy and more sinister and doomy overtone. Love those gurgling vocals when they come in mix with the ultra low gutturals. You know the 90's Slowing more intense Death metal that has some progressive overtones. Here you go with with Cryptworm from the UK. They do get very grinding and crusty as well. Crust and Sludge have always paired well and with Cryptworm this has not changed as tall. Ok boys now you have to through some tasty mosh grooves in too. You as tuned in on my love of old  Nuke Blast, Earache, Relapse and Grindcore Intl metal roster.  Even the cover is primitive as fuck with a logo only the sickest of Death metal kids can love. Cryptworm I'm really not going to make this a long one as when you have an album this utterly kick ass just have them listen.

Crypt Dagger - From Below- Digital/LP ( Dying Victims Productions )

Very  Punk/ hardcore inspired  Black and Roll going on here. it feels like a late 80's early 90's  Speed/Thrash band that heard Bathory and Mercyful Fate and then said Venom has the right idea but Motorhead really kicks ass !!! lets to all of it. Then Crypt dagger heard Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost and were like WTF!!!!! The word simple and dirty is terms of love and admiration for a band like  Crypt Dagger. This is just a noisy fun, fast ride on that punk metal highway many crash and burn on but with an album like this Crypt Dagger will be leaders of this pack for sure.  This is another one of those if its not broke don't fix it. So what the hell are you waiting for get the vinyl put it on and circle pits for everyone !!!