SUMMER CD SALE !!!! $8 US PPD (USA) or all 4 for $25 PPD (USA)

Summer CD Sale

I'm having a summer special on 4 of my Releases

Until the Sky Dies - Year Zero Blueprint- CD ( Cimmerian Shade )
(Avant Post Metal)

Clint Listing/ Maor Applebuam- Mourning Duet- CD ( Absolute Zero Media)
(Dark Industrial)

Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds- Remember the past, Respect the future-CD ( Odd Halo Recordings)
(Post Industrial/ Rock )

Clint Listing - My Father My Keeper -CD ( Autumn Wind Productions)

Post Industrial/ Noise/ Dark Ambient)

I have 8 copies of Each They $8 US PPD each or I'm doing the bundle of 
the 4 for $25 US PPD ( USA only )

Will Ship to Canada or Mexico add $5 US for Shipping

(Please email before ordering so I can confirm items)

Thank you for your support