Two more Reviews you lucky S.O.B's

Ellende -Lebensnehmer- CD/Digital/LP (  AOP Records )

This album comes across as high brow and I mean that is the artistic and ethereal manner. What I hear is Neoclassic Post Black metal with Gothic and Emo  overtones. This is sonically a massive sounding album and has more to do with Blackgaze and Post Industrial music that straight out Black metal. The Guitars are very hypontic to say the least  .The Spacial and heavily verbed vocals are really great and add a spooky element to the full picture of the release. The Drumming or percussion is very minimalistat times but really fills in what the unit is trying to create. There is a very melodic and folky over tone to the black metal that is being created as well, The Piano ans synths really give it a very fragile and delicate vibe over all. It seems to be a one man project and when tours with it does so with Session member so thank you L.G., Ellende for creating this forward thinking and very special and personal release for us to witness I could see this very much on Prophecy Production, Season of Mist or  Aural Music /Code666 as these are the styles that really come through. Ellende is not Raw and heavy . Its Tonal and suffocation at times and that is really were this release shines.

LATITUDES- Part Island - CD/Digital/LP ( Debemur Morti Productions)

Breathtaking and Majestic these are fitting words for a band like  LATITUDES. What I hear in a band like this is the best parts of bands like  Katatonia, In the Woods, Saturnus, Old Dead Tree and Manes, Opeth and Porupine Tree . So yes a heavy epic  Prog Death band that loves to lay the Doom elements on heavy at times. The vocals are those gothic/prog heavy metal vocals that work so well for bands above and yes they are clean but oh so powerful. Music that is created like this just simply gives me chills and drives and inspires me to creat musically. With that said if this does the same other any others then every you created Latitudes is well worth being on this earth.  The complexity, passion and talent put into an album like this is impossible to understand without taking the time on several listens. I would say this is very much in that Antimatter and Dorenereich style of brilliant too. with touches of what Ihshan does solo as well. I really can not stop listening to this . I will end with this has alot to do with bands sonically like Ours, Sunny Day Realestate and Shudder to think as well. So Post Rock and Avant Post Hardcore. I don't here the black metal much at all its more  Prog , Death, Doom and Post whatever. Get this or you will be mising out on maybe the album of 2019 !!!!!