3 More Musical journeys tied together by tone but yet vastly apart in others..

Cultic- High Command - CD/ Digital ( Eleventh Key )

This is a Husband and Wife team with  Rebecca on Drums and Brian doing Guitar and vocals  add Bassist Reece and this trio makes a mix of  Dirgy and Sludge Doom that has that old 90's sound  so if you liked Mythic, Ceremonium , Winter and Early Cathedral then you know where I'm going with this . This is dark and ugly Doom strong on the Death and Punk side of the spectrum. The primitive nature of this all is amazing too. There is an Electric Wizard and Morgion Feel to this at times too. Oh Hell all i really know is Cultic is making soming kick ass dirty and slightly retro sounding doom  and really digging it . The very verbed out vocals really add to that sickness of the heavy time . I even here elements of Early Earth and Paradise lost in this album. Good Doom there can never be enough and this is very good indeed.


Black Anvil- Miles -Digital / LP ( STB Records)

This EP is made of four tracks that includes a Mercyful Fate cover . The mix of  Thrash, Hard Rock,Classic metal, Black /Death and some Giant Melodies going on here .This is one of the more Catchy extreme metal albums I have heard . The mix of strong sung vocals and growls and a very 80's Classic metal vibe with those Crushing Extreme thrash meets early Black Death overtones. Good Odin the solos are crushing on this bastard. This band is not wearing Denim vest will all there fave punk and metal bands on it live I will be dissapointed. Even the cover for Miles is screaming this to me.  Black Thrashing Death is what the world need more especially with this kind of harmonies going on.There is amazing Bluesy Fuzzed out rock moments that remind me of Down and C.o.C at times . Fuck this album is really really good.


Demon Head- Hellfire Ocean Void - Digital/CD/ LP ( Svart Records )

Wow the  Classic and Thrash metal  and Proto Doom theme is strong with these reviews as this reminds me of bands like  Priest, Diamond Head, Sabbath Assembly, St Vitus, Blue Cheer. Then from nowhere they because Post Punk band as many of the Svart bands did  . Beastmilk ,  Grave Pleasures etc . Demon Head just are  more a Doomy Post Punk thing and the two styles really do work well. They have a Danzig and  band call Demonspeed vibe too as there is almost a Rockabily element to all of what Demon Head does too . Loving his as its seductive, dark and occult all the things that make Doom and Post Punk such a powerful musically style and again those solos are hypnotic in the way presented and the catchy tones of this band just keep dragging you in .. Hellfire Ocean Void is a very well thought out album indeed.  Finally there is a Folk element to all of this like  Hexvessel or Of the Wand and the moon or even Tehni . So much going on for a truly stunning album.