The Art of Conjuring interview up

1.tell about this German  prog industrial melodic death metal force.

Tobi: (laughing) Well that is a new way to put it!
The band already exists for several years and after a few line-up changes we are now in constant formation. After recording our first record we played a few regional gigs and try to get it started from there.

2.  In 5 words how would describe bands sound?

Tobi: Heavy, rhythmic, low, industrial, (yet) melodic.

3. Was there a focused reason to release this independent  and DIY? Are labels  not needed in 2019 just good pr and distribution?

Tobi: I think that for us and the situation we were in it was the right thing to do. We have the luxury to rehearse in our drummers professional recording studio (called „Die Wellenschmiede“) where we also record our songs under his guidance. As for labels they are mostly interested in „touring machines“. A short tour for let‘s say two weeks or so would be great for us to do. Nevertheless we wouldn‘t be able to tour several months a year as we are all busy with our regular jobs. So that makes it kinda hard to find a suitable label that provides the support we need to make the next step. But if there was a smaller / indy label interested in signing us we wouldn‘t generally decline. To this given point it just wasn‘t necessary.

4. I hear  elements  of Fear factory, Gojira ,Meshuggah and some Testament and Kreator. Have any of the bands influenced  The art of conjuring. 

Fear Factory, Meshuggah and Devin Townsend are probably among the biggest influences. I listened a lot to Kreator and Testament back in the days so maybe a seed was planted back then. Never thought about that, really. Good catch (laughs)!
At the end of the day everybody is bringing in his own flavor and the result is what you hear on the record.
5. How does live vs studio change the sound of band?

Sound wise it is not that different. We run a few backing tracks live, so everything thats on the album is there live as well.
I mostly focus on rhythm guitar because thats whats driving our music and since there is only one guitar player in the band it makes total sense to us to have the additional stuff in there as well. It blends in really good and the feedback we got was good as well.
We also make sure that the songs work without the icing on the cake so if everything goes south its still all good.

6. If you could make a proper video off any track on Hibernation which would it be and why?

We already did a lyric video of „Shining Is The Truth“ ( as a first step and are currently working on a playthrough for „Fall Apart“. Besides we are busy writing new songs and I think a story based video would be great to do for one of those. But we‘ll see. „Only Ashes Remain“ or „Emptiness Is Gone“ of Hibernation would song wise be good ones to do too.

7.How has the digital age, social media , digital media changed the way extreme metal acts create and promote?

Things become easier and more difficult at the same time. On the one hand producing, recording and promoting world wide has become much easier. But to stick out of the masses is even harder this way. I personally buy a lot of vinyl these days as I love to hold the artwork and the record in my hands. With streaming apps music has become more and more short-lived. A record seems less durable than before and I regret that. Still via social media people in the whole world can listen to the music a small band like us creates here in Hamburg which I totally love. We have just a small group of followers so far but people from Germany, Sweden, the USA and Russia are following. That’s kind of funny.

8. What bands are impressing  members  of band?

Along with the before mentioned Fear Factory, Meshuggah its band like Architects, Periphery, Nine Inch Nails to mention a few. And some non-metal stuff as well.

9. Is there a theme or story behind Hibernation?

It is not a concept album and doesn‘t have a general theme. The songs thematically reflect everyday life and things everyone has to deal with like for example loss or failure and represent my sometimes pessimistic view on how things develop in society.

The title and artwork was actually done before Tobi joined the band and wrote the lyrics. Sometimes things beyond your control happen that kind of put your life on hold and you have to wait until they resolve in one way or the other. So in the meantime you are in some sort of hibernation.

10.   How does Hibernation  differ from earlier material?

This is our debut, so there is nothing to compare it to, really.

11.  What band would you want to tour with if possible?
Tobi: Sascha already mentioned Fear Factory as one of his biggest influences so that would possibly his dream scenario (laughing).

(laughs) Yeah, that would be awesome.
12. Do the members of The art of conjuring  have other musical  projects  you like to tell us about?

There are projects but its mainly just for fun and getting stuff out that doesn’t fit the band. The main focus is TAOC.

13. Thank you for time any closing thoughts  here..

Tobi: Thank you for having us! Appreciate it! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter everybody