8 experimental Styles not Metallic my friends we all need variety in our musical exchanges ..

Bastard Noise / Xiphoid Dementia -Human Extinction Engine- LP/Digital ( Scry Recordings, Existence Establishment, and Phage Tapes)

This  Split starts with Xiphoid Dementia and the best way to describe what I'm getting is  Noisy Electro Martial Industrial vibe . I feel like a cyber war/nightmare is going on its very apocalyptic in presentantion and has the dark industrial deep drones and drifts mixed in. The percussion is just sinister and creepy in that Martial/warlike way adding to the power behind it. The sample / vocal part are eerie in good way I really hear elements of  Sephiroth, Puissance and Arditi in this project but then really goes in Schloss Tegal and Von Thronstal at times too. I know I'm a bit over the place but these 3 tracks are impressive as hell.   Lets be clear if you don't know Bastard Noise by now after over two decades of making P.E. , Noise and  Harsh electronics  then i feel for you this is the Electro industrial side project of members of Man is the Bastard and now really legends in there own right. Harsh, Nasty , Frightening all with some level of mastery and order to the madness. Bastard Noise comes to kick you in the teeth and show you how to do it in a controlled manner.  Harsh and  guttural vocals and sonic nightmares that is all that is really needed to know They are  The Agorphobic Nosebleed of the P.E. World high praise and fully worth every moment.


Sissy Spacek- Ways of Confusion- LP/ Digital/CD  (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

Yea I know I'm a bit behind on this one but here it is folks . 39 tracks all less then a minute long of  Grinding, Hardcore noise and crazy throat destroying vocals and electronic nighmares in the background . Do you need me to tell you more other then if you like  Noise, Grind, Crust and Electronic all at the same time at 10,000 miles per hour this is a must own. Fury and hate here are on 11 and not you need to order, stream  or suffer .. Sissy Spacek is a force you need to have in your life.


Ugasanie & Dronny Darko - Arctic Gates- CD/ Digital (Cryo Chamber)

This collab of two artist making cold and isolationist Dark ambient music is really amazing. There are some so very surreal sounds going on here I really feel like you are exploring the frozen lands and seas with listening to Arctic Gates. With many of The Cryo Chamber releases this is really headphone theater to get the full presentation. The prodoct and artwork are on such a high level it just makes it a full experience. The minimalist layers of noise, loops, drones and music konkret going over that Ambient frozen backdrop wow. This is high art and these two project know how to draw you in and keep you there. Minimalist black ambient and drift is really what I get from this album. You will not be dissiapoint if you like avant dark ambient styles.


SUTEKH HEXEN- “s/t” -CD/2LP/Digital ( Cyclic Law/ Senitent Ruin )

Sorrow, Madness, Pain, Sickness, Ugly, Haunting , Sinister and Ethereal these are all words that fit into what Satekh Hexen are creating on their self titled Double Album. Industrial Black Doom is what I'm getting and sticking with holy fuck folks. If Author & Punisher and PHOBOS were more black metal and crusty the would be brothers of this sound crying out to a world that just want it to die. Sucidal thoughts disspear from this as you will be afraid of what awaits you on the other side . There is insanity in some bands MZ412, Staluggh, Mysticum, DHG and Havic Unit and then we have Sutekh Hexen. Wow why did i wait so long to review this oh yea i get 20 promos a week and I'm a one man team.  Just imagine for a moment a horror , sci fi and thriller indie sound track all at once then make it noisy and diabolical . Don't wait this is must listen event.



Wet Nurse. - Thanatosi- CD/Digital (Malignant )

Ok albums like this are a bit outside my understand and normal review style but hell I'm giving it a try,  Black Sado Electro Industrial  with some very creppy vocals and spoken word moments that also like to go into a Harsher industrial Doom stance. This reminds me of and like  Control and  Sutcliff Jugend if they were more machine and less Death Industrial. Am I making any sense here as to me it seems like I maybe finding another layer of extreme experimental music that I need to dig deeper into. At times I feel a kinship to Older Pruirent as well. Oh shit on a ritz. You need to listen and see if the harsh piercing tones and the underworld like distorted vocals with the spoke word ideal is something that get you going like this reviewer.


ASHTORETH- Rites I-II -CD/LP/ Digital  ( Cyclic Law)

Spacial and  Drifting Noisy Black Ambient. Yes this is where my head and mind are going with this one and it's two long and winding tracks that could lead to madness if you let it do so. I will say since CMI is going Cyclic Law has taken the mantle for Dark Ambient music that has a sinister element to it. There are a few others note worthy Cold Spring, Cryochamber and Loki Foundation but when listening to this it gives me those full on Aghast moments again. Even the minimalist artwork is in the same light or  " darkness" . Experimental music needs time to breathe and fester and with these two track you get just that. Hopefull/ Hopless.. Sadness / Introspection.. I just going to leave this review here and after you read this . Get this album some good headphones close your eyes and let Ashtoreth take you were you need to go.


Dødsmaskin - Ødelagt- LP/Digital  (Malignant)

Dark industrial blackened machine is what Dodsmaskin is. With three other releases behind them this duo is just ugly black industrial with minimal and full on harsh P.E. moments going on there are times reviews show just let you know how suffocating in the best of ways an album can be and with Dodsmaskin you get this on a level few can or will ever show you. This is a blackened Industrial warmachine on one path and that is to take all the hope from the world and make there empire from it. Bands and sounds like this really are just a purge of all the ugliness that we can not remove on our own and let you see that sometimes the great release is whats needs. Remember destruction can come quietly and slowly and then build to where it's just darkness and the end. Welcome to the world  Dodsmakin creates.


Ager Sonus - Mithra- CD/Digital- (Cryo Chamber)

Easten,Occult, Fragile Theatrical Ambient music with a very focused presentation is 100% whar you are getting from Ager Sonus. Cryo chamber likes to really have that soundscape ambient style going on wether it is minimal or massive in the acoustics that are going on. I feel like I'm in feudal Japan with listening to an album like Mithra and the lovely strings and drones are washing over me me movement by movement . I would love to see this live with a films and artwork playing in the backdrops. This would be like going out to see classical or orchestral music and really justr letting it envelop you into another time and world. I love the percussive elements in this with the synths that are layered like a choir.  Truly let the God's of old guide you is what music like this is speaking to me. Modern Classical at times is really what the world needs . Good to see more  Ethno Neoclassical coming back to the scene .