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Folian- Ache Pillars- Digital/ Tape  (Apneic Void Sounds)

Portland Oregon and the US Northwest in general has of love for Shoegazing Post Black metal meets Avant Prog Metal and with Folian we are getting that vibe strong its just they are going into Post Metallic Shoegaze with a very much more prog and doom metal understanding this comes from a Jesu meets Katatonia meets Alcest way of adding the metallic elements.The vocals are haunting and drifting but very clean in the chanting style the guitars are droning and Hypnotic then at times the Black and Doom extremites come into the forefront of the music. It takes several minds to get Growls/Cries and Noisy Blackened guitars with this amazing Industrial  electronic madness to wash over it all then back to the somber and beautiful. Though we are only working with 4 tracks . If The Swans and Blut Aus Nord had a love child we would very much be talking to Folian. THis is Industrial  Post Blackgaze Prog!!!! Folian is messing with my head in the most wonderful of ways.. Continue , Continue...


11PARANOIAS -Asterismal-  Digital/LP/CD (Ritual Productions)

Space Rock meets  Doom Droning Noise perfection from this UK force what can really be said .. You need to listen to it so even get what is going on here . It's like  5ive, Subarachnoid space, Neurosis , Phobos and Monster Magnet all decided at once to form a band and go. I hear elements of bands like Ides of Gemini, Sabbath Assembly and Hawkwind too . This is noisy and wonderful and mind expanding music.  When listening to 11PARANOIS you are in a different Dimension for sure and  are traveling deeper and deeper from the norm. Wonderful Fuzzed out Drones and heavy proto doom with that Drifting Space rock. No more needs to be said again just get this listen and be blown away.


Totalitarian (Italy)- Bloodlands- CD/ Digital ( Barren Void / Lavadome )

Blistering  Barbaric  Blackend  War metal yes that does say it all are you fans of the most hateful and violent Black/Death sounds that come from stores of eastern front wars. Then you need to here this . Marduk, Taake, Dark Funeral, Mayhem and Gorgoroth this is all were I hear a band like Totalitarian come from and the waves of Nightmarish well done Black Death just do not stop. It's a division of tanks coming in and leaving nothing in their path. The guitars are so razor sharp and that bass is cutting through like a knife. I swear this drummer is going to stroke out by the end of the album or set. The vocals are cries of war, death and destruction all with a sinister occult overtone. Wow just wow. Must listen release for extreme black death fans..


Blacklist 9- Mentally Ill, Legally Sane- CD/ Digital  (  Eclipse Records )

Looking for a Thrashing good time with catchy over the top metal riffs, Throaty vocals and something that bands like  Machine Head, Pantera, Slayer, White Zombie  and many others would have given you in the late 90's . Welcome to the world of Blacklist 9. The are a turbo charged Thrash /Extreme Power metal band.  I also hear  alot of bands like  Nevermore, Warrior Soul and Souls at zero going on here. I'm not going to say much more as this just really heavy, catchy and good Modern metal with some very cool industrial overtone that a lot of thrash bands do bring in from time to time, Also if you liked a band called Godspeed back in the days very similar. Good Good Shit ..