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Crimson Throne- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings)

Symphonic and Bombastic Black metal that reminds me of bands like  Old mans Child, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth . There is nothing out of the ordinary and new here.. Though Crimson Throne do create some great sounding Black metal. There is at Icy cold melody and torn throat vocals that you are ready for in that 90's extreme symphonic black metal style they are presenting to the world. There is a strong Earache and Nuke Blast ( Black Death ) vibe going on from that time period on this album as well. This will sadly say get lost in the masses of other material out there as there is nothing stand out in a genre and scene going on for over two decades. Well worth owning and listening Some really like Ihsahn solo material  as you can hear a lot of that influence in here as well. There are claims of Post rock elements and if there is they are few and far between. There is more a shoegazing element then any other style. Ok that's enough from me. Your turn to decide it this is for you.


Cult of Eibon- Lycan Twilight Sorcery- CD/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead)

Wow the Unisound element is in this release. Sounds like Lofi 90's occult black metal from Greece of look that's were this band is from. I really hate the production on this album. Can I say that enough. It's mixed so thin and retro. I get this is what they be looking for but it not working for me. Sounds like Mercyful Fate Demos so the demos you got from West coast thrash bands in the 80/ early 90's when us old farts did tape trading ( Man I miss those days) . Music was an adventure and you had to really want to seek out a band for it. I think the songs are really interesting with the way the creepy synths intertwine with the classic heavy black thrash sound. It again is really that horrible production that needs to change or I never going to make it through another album of Cult of Eibon..


Pekko K├Ąppi & K:H:H:L - Matilda- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

So this as bizarre and bizarre can get. This album mixed  6070's fuzzed out rock, Disco, Electronica, Prog, Pagan and New Wave into something that you are either going to love or run from like it's the dawning of a new plague. There is some really trippy / flower child moments here. They really love early Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel and Blonde . As this is much of what I hear going on here. I respect for the full on left of center thoughts in creating an album like this . You can hear much northern European Folk/ Pagan elements through out as well. It's really something you're going to need to experience for ones self to see if this clicks or not as this is not something I will listen to often but it's damn impressive sounding album I will leave it with that.


Rimthurs -Gravskrift-CD/ Digital ( Ketzer Records)

This is going to be very to the point folk as Rimthurs is a band with a missiom mixing  Post Black metal , Avant Doom and some of the coldest and most hypnotic of tones and idea's you can hear. If Manes, Bethlehem, Burzum and Negura Bunget  could all unify as one musical force you are very close to want is going on here. There is a Pagan / Nature based feeling to the War like  Post Black metal going on here. As one man Metal bands go. He's is recording what emotions he feels with a darkened view of the world that surrounds him. This is something you could very much see being released on Nordvis, Anja or D.M.P as well . There is a very sinister occult over tone going on here. They could also very create music with a band like  Sabbath Assembly  as you can hear that brotherhood in sound as well. I would fully recommend this for any adventurous Post Black metal fans..


Womit Angel- Impaling force of Satan- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

There are times you really want to like any album as it has all the pieces of the puzzle you are looking for   Punk, Industrial, Black Metal , Thrash . Then is comes to the way it's all put together and that is another story very much indeed. I really feel they have left the chaos far to much in the mix and this has become a real mess musically . This could be a black metal Ministry if a little more time and care was taken into what they put on to the label. What do I know this may the best industrial black metal album ever to some.  What keeps me listening this those thrashing riffs mixed in with the other elements I have already spoke about. All the songs just sound so the same on this it's very upseting this could have been another AND OCEANS i really feel it or at least Abyorm...  I've stated my mind now it's your turn to see where this band takes you.


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