Cyclic Law Artist- Peter Bjargo Interview is up

1. Peter you have been working with Cyclic Law for while now for Releases from Sophia, Arcana and Solo. I was wondering how has that partnership gone as CMI closed the doors many moons ago now?

It's been great. Moving to Cyclic Law from CMI felt completely natural. I had known Fred since -99 and have been a good friend since then. With CMI it was like a family and I looked for something like that. During this time I have worked with some other labels though, like Projekt and Kalinkaland.

2. Tell us a bit about Animus Retinentia I hear so many elements of Post Industrial, Neo Classical, Dark Ambient and Chamber music. It has many elements of Arcana the project that really brought you on the map.

The main difference is that I use electronic guitar in my solo songs. Also it's more ambient and instrumental than Arcana. With my solo stuff I want to keep it opened for different kinds of sound. I do not want to feel cornered with the expectation of a certain sound.

3.  Will you perform live with Animus Retinentia or is this just a studio creation?

I did a performance at the Porta Nigra festival where I did some new material. Also I'll perform at the WGT festival this year. There are some more gigs planned but they are not 100% confirmed yet.

4. Speaking of  Arcana  will be be seeing a new release or is that the past now?

Well, as I feel now I will continue the work with Arcana. I had about 6-7 new songs when I worked with Ida, but as she can't participate anymore, I feel that I need to start from the beginning.
When I started Arcana -94 it was only me in the band, so in a way I'm back where I started.

5. What are the themes of Animus Retinentia as it seems to be a much more somber reflective album . there are some truly beautiful haunting passage?

The main theme are the reflections about my childhood. Everything was so magical and intriguing. Now, in a world that gets worse and worse by the day, it feels like it's more about obligations and realisations about how bad the world is.
Having said that, not everything is bad now, I still see some bright light in the world.

6.Where do you see Dark Ambient and Post Industrial music in 2017 there are some labels really pushing the boundaries still like Cyclic Law, Malignant, Cold Spring, Old Europa Cafe and  Soleilmoon ?

Hard to say, for sure there are some great labels around, but people don't buy music any more. Which makes it hard to put great focus on music, it's not cheap to maintain and buy musical equipment. Back in the good old days, mid/late 90's, we at least got enough to buy a soundlibrary etc.
But music will always be there in some form.

7. If you were to explain you style or sound in just 4 words to someone about to listen what words would you use?

Dreamy, melancholic, slow and thoughtful.

8. I know you help others records and produce music what are you working on outside of your works that is impressing you currently?

At the moment I'm not working on any others project. Perhaps I'll take on some project after summer vacation. 

9. Sweden has always been a very musical place from  CMI scene to Death metal to Noise to Avant sounds. Why do you feel there is so a musical creativity in your nation ?

I don't know. We get quite good support when it comes to music, we are given opportunities to have a rehearsal space and record in the studio in the beginning. But I'm not sure why there are so many band that succeed coming from Sweden. 

10. I always thought you could make one hell of a Prog rock or Metal album .. If you were going to work on a release like this how would you approach it?

I would go for a progg album ;) I listen quite alot to krautrock and would love to do an album with this kind of music.
I come from a "metal" background so I've done that already.

11. Watch Bands in general are impressing you in 2017?

The new Empusae is fantastic, and from the little I've heard, the new In Slaughter Native sounds incredible.

12. There feels to be a rebirth in Dark Soundcape music is this due to things Soundcloud, You Tube and Bandcamp? It seem with good Promotion you can get you name out to so many more then ever before?

In a way it's easier to get your songs up for listen nowdays, using websites like Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc, but I do believe it's harder to get through as there are so many bands out there. But social media is definitely a big help when it comes to promoting your band.

13. If you stopped playing music or creating music what passions do you have in your life outside this?

I would probably paint more and read even more books. For me it's impossible to imagine my life without music, I do have periods where I do not do much music but not for too long.

14. If you could make a long form Video for Animus Retinentia what would you want it to look like and how would it be presented?

I would probably film at my favourite location, Skjulsta, a place just outside the town I live in. Slow motion, and morning fog.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts place here

Thanks for the interview. And thanks for keeping the scene alive.