8 new Hymns to rattle the fabric of sonic understanding ...

BUIOINGOLA- Il Nuovo Mare- CD/ Digital ( Sentient Ruin Labs)

This is a very interesting beast all on it own as it mixing  Darkwave, Gothic , Crust and Black Noise into something that is not of a normal variety . There are some very Celestial and Horrific moments going on all at the same time.  There is this feeling of  Godliness and Demonic elements all at the same. I do not want to mention other artist as this is something you will need to here to experience . I will say it does have a very Industrial meets Italian coldwave metal style. There are time were this if full on industrial metal to then the ethereal waves will overwhelm the sense. I really do love this album is goes from styles that you have heard on labels like Avantgarde, Southern Lord, ANJA Offensive, Nordvis, Relapse and D.M.P just to name a few so you can truly understand how wonderfully Bizarre this creature is. I will be listen to this over and over again really does include all the elements I have spoken of above. This band is on a level few before have really done. Great and Stunning release..


White Willow- Future Hopes- CD/ Digital ( Laser's Edge)

So Prog music is going to be something you can wrap your mind around or it's going to be as out as Noise or Black metal. White Willow are now on their 7th album. This a mix of  Power Metal, 70's Prog rock, Arena Rock and 80's Electronic music all with a very theatrical/ symphonic backdrop. You almost feel like you are going to Musical then just listening to album. There are some very fragile and beautiful folksy movement as well. The Female vocals are either soothing or just mind-blowing powerful.  The bands I would mention all should come to mind by the description and album cover alone but file this magical journey under bands like  Ayreon, Genesis, Yes and 3rd and the Mortal just for a few. This is an adventure no Prog rock fan will want to miss. Just another feather in the crown that The Laser's Edge has for this genre..


Oceanwake- Earthen- CD/ Digital ( ViciSolum )

This is the final part of a trilogy and I remember hearing the last part "Sunless " and rather enjoying it. This is a very progressive Doom metal album broken up into two extremely long track or Bombastic and Grim sounding Doom.  This a massive sounding album that very much experiments within the Black Doom genre. Then in a very unique way finds places to add moments of Devil Doll, Katatonia, Arcturus, Monumentum and Manes and Virus. Into something all the more twisted and wonderful then you thought it could very be. There  are very similar to bands like Alchemist, Red Harvest and Dolorian in what  Oceanwake are creating here. I will not be going on all day about this but for Doom this is a major innovation into a new range of sound and ideals. The haunting remnants of past musical and current musical journey are really want you are getting here. You have more of that Darkwave and Industrial taste here at times as well . I just know I will like to hear more so let's begin the next trilogy gentlemen.


Azarath- In Extremis- CD/ Digital ( Agonia )

So the Behemoth Drummer project of the last two decade comes across my review table and you k know what.. It's Warlike and Barbaric Blackened Death. It's powerful, well produced and sounds alike an album on a mission to destroy all in it's path everything you want from in your face Black Death metal. There is nothing making this stand out as elite or cutting edge. It's just fucking good metal they way you want to hear when you in the mood to thrash about and release the aggression's at that time. I can see why they are release music as there is some great talent in the band and they are creation a genre of music that never gets old and always needs to be there for the next generation.  So no very much what your getting this is in that  Hate Eternal, Hypocrisy, Dissection and Marduk world do we need to say more I think not ...


Ghost Horizon- The Erotics of Disgust- CD/ Digital ( Tridroid )

With album cover like this and the band of the band Ghost Horizon what style of music do you this this is .. Do I need to give you a guess. Surprise it's Black gaze !!!! You knew this was coming . There just seems to be a fascination with these two genres melding into something Beautiful and Ugly at the same time and I will say right up front this is very well done. But so many bands sound just like this now it hard to keep track. I seem to like most of them and when I put the album on I will listen to it in completion . This just a 4 song EP and they may have something this that length as it seems to keep it fresh and you wanting more. This is very much steeped in that American North West Black metal invocation. The poppy elements really do make this sound otherworldly and I think that is what makes Ghost Horizon work. I swear if Sunny Day Real estate was Black metal it would sound just like this 


Dynfari- The four doors of the mind- CD/ Digital ( Code666 )

I will begin with Dyafari sound like a Avant Post Metal band on the 1st few tracks mixing Folk, Rock, Ambient, Drone and Jazzy Metal over tone to a spoken and dreamy tone.  AHHHH!! there it is the Spacial Black metal style I was waiting for.  This band is from Iceland so I can understand they love of this style as bands like Sigur Ros and Sugar Cubes are legends there and you really hear both in the music of Dynfari just in a much more metallic and powerful dirged out way. You can also hear the Viking and Pagan element of a band like Falkenbach in what Dynfari do as well. I think it's the heathen overtones that are drawing me into the band with those Haunting ancient melodies. The band is best when they stay in the more  off kilter post metal style with the pagan sounds.  The band took me a minute to get accustomed too but once I did this is a very strong album indeed. 


Hello Black Hole- In No Good Hand- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Why am I so drawn to Svart bands. Am I an old soul just knowing that this is the music that I should be making too. I can't really say other then  this is a mix of 70's Proto Metal, Noise rock and 80's indie rock and I just down right love it. It makes my body move and head rock out to the fuzzy out guitars, buried and echoed vocals, the very primitive drumming that works so very well with the over all ideal of what the band is going. Svart has really taking over were Touch and Go , SST and Alternative Tentacles were at in late 80's to mid 90's .. Hello Black Hole just keep this up you have a fan for life..


Drug Honkey- Cloak of Skies ( Transcending Obscurity )

1st off Drug Honkey kicks the ass of a 1000 murderous lions.. That's how bad ass this album is. The easiest way to describe this album is  Crusty Industrial Doom that is looking to suffocate you with the waves of molasses like riffage going on here. This is massive concussive bomb of sound and tones. There they a cross between early Author and Punisher, Eyehategod, Disembowelment,  Phobos and Noothgrush..  The nightmarish vibe you get from this album makes it all the more important of a release. You like your Doom sinister, dirty and machine like look no further as Drug Honkey is the fix you need.