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Barathrum- Fanatiko- CD/ Digital ( Saturnal Records)

Finland a land of some of the more interesting extreme music to ever be released with band like Amorphis, Thergothon, Beherit, Skepticism and And Oceans to name a few.  Barathrum have been around since the 90's creating a Violent and Black like Epic style of Black metal very much loving Thrash, Punk and Noise Rock elements.  With this album there are some very raw symphonic moments that work well with the Finnish folk side that all great metal bands from that come from there have. The Heathen/ Pagan ways are never forgotten in the Frozen north land of mystery. The vocals are just sinister and spiteful through out the release and just add the touch you want all more over the top Black metal to approach. There is just a disgust with the over all tone of this album and it makes the venom from the speaker all the more important in 2017. We need bands in this side of the extreme music realm to make you think and feel unsettled. Congrats you have done both.


Disperse- Forward- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

We are getting into a place were music really takes me to places that expand all thoughts and vision. This is visionary, forward thinking, progressive, melodic and extreme, layered in so many ways I can not even let you know how wonderful a musical journey this is for me. If your into bands like  Ishahn, Manes, Ulver,  Devin Townsend, Katatonia, Porupine Tree and Fates Warning. This band is an expanse of sound and visions that loves to mix that jazzy element that bands like Cynic and Gorguts likes to do as well. This is so much more than just parts of the album. This is a musical adventure and I'm so proud to just be a part of it. The beautiful and complex arrangements are what make the chaotic moments so special. They  very remind me of bands like KLMT1912, OURS and Caspian at times too. They have that very Post metal touch to them to as Atmospherics are very important to the over all sound an portrayal of the band. This is something that could very well be on Inside out or Sensory labels as well you get were this album ranges. Wow Season of mist you did it to me again Obsidian Kingdom and Old Dead Tree did it to me as well.. This is an essential own!!!!!


Naga- Inanimate- CD/ Digital ( Everlasting Spew)

Ethereal  Sludgy Black Doom in a way that madness and torment are positive elements of the bands sounds . Naga is in a long line of bands like Dolorian, Shining, Unearthly Trance,  Forgotten tombs, Triptykon and bands like Phobos, The Body and early Author & Punisher. This is a band that loves feedback, droning element and crushing slow industrial influenced Doom riffs.  Naga is a slow beating by a bat and just when you think it's over . The nightmare really has just begun. All light and positivity is sucked out by a band like this . The feed on sorrow, despair, horror and grief and sometimes you need a band like this to make you see that your thoughts are not even 1/10 a bleak as this. The vocals are just pure destruction and hatred and it could not add more to a band like this ever. This is not just an impressive Doom album it maybe the darkness one I've heard in the last few years. If you a band of Slow extreme doom music this is a must own. 


Morass of Molasses-These Paths We Tread- CD/ Digital ( HeviSike)

Bluesy, Sludgy , Spacial Doom with a very cool mix of Neurosis and Opeth in style and ideals going on then there are full on Down and C.O.C riffs going on along with bands like  Weedeater and St Vitus .. There is very much a stoner overtone to the album as a whole but they love to add other more rocking element into the Doom and heavy rock sound that is being presented by the band. I would even say there are moments of bands like High on fire and Clutch going on here. There is a groove that is created by the heavy of the music .  I hear a lot of Kill Devil Hill in this band too. This is a label that seem to like to add Bluesy Spacy element to Doom rock and it comes across as something rather interesting.  I have to say the album cover is totally bad ass too and that would draw me to the band alone. Keep on rocking my good men..


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Ghost World- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Do you miss the 90's Noisy Indie rock days. Well fear no more Ghost World is here. They remind me of Dinosaur JR, Letter to Cleo and  Verruca Salt so much I feel like I listening to that Poppy Indie Rock that like to add metallic grungy guitars into what labels like Matador and SST were doing over the year. The wonderful off key vocals makes this so good to listen to I even hear band like  Pavement, Polvo and Afghan Whigs in what they are doing here. I really want J Mascis to here this as they worship Dinosaur JR in guitar riffs and arranging the music. If you like Sebadoh and Sonic Youth as well this will be a home run. I'm really like this when you're in a mood for a band like this nothing else is going to do . Sweet Sweet left of center music really just hit the spot for me with Ghost World..