Svart Records Artist- Hello Black Hole Interview is up


1. In no good hand is an interesting mix of  Indie/ Noise rock, Goth Rock and Shoegazing . Were did this sound come from with Hello Black Hole?

Thank you! It’s a natural evolution from my previous bands Beastmilk, Spiderpact and Seedsaw. The songs were written in the wake of Beastmilk splitting up and represent a more crude and introverted manifestation which came very naturally.

2. The name is so twisted as well... What is the meaning of Hello Black Hole?

I feel that the world is full of holes and orifices to stick your head, mind and other pieces of anatomy into. Hello Black Hole embraces the holes and wants to see what’s on the other side. It is an adventure into dark places, in good company.

3. I here Pixies, Dinosaur JR and Sisters of Mercy in your music most. How would you describe the band?

Pixies is one of my favorite bands so I suppose I will have to take it as a compliment if something of that has stuck with me, the other two I’ve never really listened to. There is no desire to sound like something else, but I guess everything you experience rubs off in some way be it paintings, photographs, a wet rock or a blue sky.

4. When performing live what kind of audience does the band have as there are so many genres going oh here?

We have not played live yet, but are at the moment preparing a live set with the MLP tracks and new ones to get a nice arc going. I would imagine it to be inviting to whoever is interested in band-oriented music, I really don’t think about these things normally. Genres play a bigger role in the marketing bit and makes things easier for labels and media, to me it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. I only have two categories, interesting and uninteresting.

5. Svart seems like the perfect home the only other label I can think of is Exile on Mainstream that loves to mix 70's fuzzed out riffs with Noisy indie rock and folk elements. How did you come to partner with Svart?

My earlier band Beastmilk was signed to Svart and I was comfortable communicating with the label so I was very happy when they were up for releasing the MLP.

6. You have a rather interesting video for "Five Hundred rocks to throw" How does the video play into the story of the album?

It goes deeper into the thematic of the mlp cover with candy smothered hands in glory holes. The video is a dive into the Process of digging and piecing together bits and pieces from the subconscious, and especially the doubts and insecurities that go into cooking the idea into a projection to the outside world. It is about navigating and finding, it is also about the inevitable miscommunication with the outside world and the bits and pieces that are lost in translation. It is about facing your demons and coming out on top.

7.  Finland has some of the most creative music with bands like  Skepticism, Thergothon, This empty flow, Lorde, HIM, Amorphis , And Oceans , Hanoi Rocks etc.. Were do you feel this comes from and why from Finland and not other Scandinavian nations are so left of center?

I’m not a big fan of categorizing individual traits under national banners, although it is true that the bands that you mention above have an aura around them that don’t really exist in other countries. I think the bands you mention, and many others, probably are/were comprised of individuals with a vision coupled with the will, need and urge to manifest their idea.

8. Were do you see the sound of Hello Black Hole heading with future releases?

I think it will be a bit more experimental, a bit less masked but a lot more obscure, focused, dangerous and hysterical

9. Do the members have other current project we can get our dirty fingers on?

I have an electro punk band Rainbowlicker, we released our debut LP earlier this year. Bassist Pontus and drummer Kenneth have their, at this point unnamed, duo which will release an EP soon. The drummer on the MLP, Titus, has a band called Handlingnoise and one called An Item. None of the above bands probably say much to your readers, but perhaps hit up google and figure it out if you feel like it.

10. How does image/ visuals play a role on the bands over all visibility ?

To me a band is an audiovisual and mental entity, it is a world of its own that has its own perspective on its surroundings. The visuals are integral to the world that the band projects and elaborate on the ideas presented in the music. I think you can depict different ideas, and different sides of an idea than what you can do with a song. I tend to gravitate towards bands that put effort into the visual bits, especially when you can see that they are walking on their own path.

11. What bands are impressing Hello Black Hole?

I haven’t really listened that much to music lately. My newest discovery, and I’m very late on this one, is a swedish cult band from the 90s called Broder Daniel.

12. Why just a 4 song EP and not proper full album?

I think an EP makes sense as a debut release. It’s sort of a proof-of-concept to see how the stuff you’ve planned in your head sound and look when they are transferred from your head into the physical world. I think it’s a good benchmark and gives hints on what works, and what doesn’t, when shaping a longer release.

13. What does Social media offer to bands in 2017 ?

A necessary evil that you probably can shape into something you can be somewhat comfortable with, or altenatively just don’t use it altogether. I’m not very savvy when it comes to social media so I’m still figuring out the interesting and the less interesting bits and look how they fit into what i’m doing. I have fond memories of the 90s zine culture without internet. Equipped with word of mouth and a vivid imagination, less was definitely more.

14. If you could have any band record one of your songs and make it their own .. Who would you want that to be?

I would like to hear Jilemnick√Ĺ okultista-era Master’s Hammer play our song Crude Awakening, or any of our song really.

15. If you could sign to a major label would you have any interest in that?

That was on the table with my earlier band but I came to realise that it was not interesting to me. Music is work of passion, I’m not interested in selling my blood and making compromises. If I can break even and have someone I trust and respect release my music then I’m more than happy.

16. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here…

Thanks for the interview Clint, take care.
To whom it may concern our homepage can be found at you can find links to bandcamp etc. there.

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