Dusktone Artist- Cold Body Radiation Interview is up

1 Tell us were the name Cold Body Radiation came from?

'Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is a form of cold-body radiation'. When i started this project i had the abstract idea to capture light in music.

2. I hear elements of Post rock, Shoe gaze, Post Black metal, Goth Rock and Ethereal elements through out the tracks out did this sound for  The Orphean Lyre come to be ?

CBR roots lie in black metal, along the way i added elements from other music. I want every CBR album to sound different.

3.Post Metal is such any over used word I know you would be put in that ideal by many  what would say Cold Body Radiation sound is about ?

I  have no idea anymore. It evolved so much, its has its own unique sound. I would say the latest album is almost indie rock, shoegaze.

4. You remind me of two band and I wondering if you have heard them whats your thoughts.  You remind me so much of Canaan and Klmt 1918 . If you have not heard them then you should..

I have not heard them. I'm more influenced by nineties shoegaze and black metal.

5. How did you come to work with Dusktone label?

I cant remember, probably through myspace? The internet.

6. What are the bands thoughts on Social media ? 

Does it make it too easy for any band to get their name out there in 2017?I have a facebook page for the band, but i just made it last year. I dont use it to much, but it can be a great tool to reach fans.

7. If you could make a proper video off any track on new album which would it be and why?

Track 3 is my favorite, i would be track 3.

8. What bands are impressing Cold Body Radiation currently?

I have not listened to new music in a long time.

9. Emotion and Spiritual elements seem to drive the band  what is the story behind The Orphean Lyre?

Most songs deal with personal matter. Stuff that happens in my life. You can look up the story of The Orphean Lyre on wikipedia and people can make up their own mind what it means.

10. Do the members of the band have other projects or is this the only musical focus needed?

Yes i have other projects but most of them are on hold.

11. Were do you see music going in 2017 is it a more tribal thing going underground or much more  far reaching and you need to search out what you like?

There is so much music these days and its so easy to get it. I do not attempt to keep up. Sometimes i will hear something really good and i will just listen to that.

12. How does image and presentation play into the way fans see bands in 2017?

I think image and presentation is important for most band. Trying to stand out. For CBR, being anonymous, image is not so important. I hope the music is enough.

13. If you could cover any song and make it your own . What song would that be and why?

I would like to cover some old slowcore song..something by 'Codeine' of 'Low'.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you.