Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, Need, Ascendia Tour last night in Phoenix AZ

@ Joe's Grotto - Phoenix AZ

I just going to do a simple Run Down on 4 Bands on Tour last night together

I do have to say the crowd was shamefully small for a legendary band  like Evergrey about 200 total . We need to support live music more and I really see that now 

1st up 
Ascendia ( Toronto CA)

The band play just 4 songs and it was a mix of Prog, Avant, Power metal very melodic, edgy and catchy. They did an amazing cover of Holy Diver by Dio. This band got the small crowd going .

2nd up

Need ( Athens Greece) -Laser Edge Records

This guys esp the guitar play are a way over the top Prog / Avant Metal force . That very much reminded me of bands like  Giant Squid, Meshuggah and Fates Warning... They were mind blow and very active on stage.  there were times were 3 of them were vocalizing at once...


Seven Kingdoms - Napalm Records

This is power metal profound . Soaring Female vocals, Aggressive Melodic dual guitar action. Metal Anthems all in something very simple to Blind Guardian meets Iced Earth ... Her voice is very much in that vein.. Wow just wow...


Evergrey- AFM Records 

Evergrey is a band running Decades and its the 1st time I got to this this Swedish Melodic Prog Metal force. As you fans of bands like like Amorphis, Savatage, Fates Warning, Therion, Porupine Tree and Katatonia.
You get it . They are Epic, Flowing, Lush, Beatiful, Fragile and Majestic all at the same time . Played for almost 90 mins and was not one bad moment.