The New Year Begins and music flows from the halls ...

Disciples of the Void- Disciples of the Void-CD/LP/Digital (   Primitive Reaction  )

I know this  punishing Black metal force is from Finnland but I hear UK and Norway very much in what they Do..  Cradle of Filth, Old Mans Child, Dimmu Borgir and Hecate Enthroned are the bands I really hear in this album also with those Razor Sharp Swedish moments of bands like Marduk, Dawn  and Dissection . The Orchestral and  Heathen elements play very strongly on this as well . Disciples of the Void Vocals are every bit as vicious as the guitar and drumming assault that is being placed upon us . Black metal is  suppose to give you a feeling and outlook when listening to it and this band does just that through out this massive undertaking . Well Done , Well Played and powerful as all fuck !!!!!

Hollow Leg -Civilizations-CD/ LP/ Digital  ( Argonauta )

So the  Bluesy Sludge Doom that comes from here is much like if Clutch and Crowbar had a love child it would be Hollow Leg. You can here some Down and  Electric Wizard for good  Measure this is the kind og  Groovy Doom I do really go for in a big way the vocals are gritty and raw and almost come from that post hardcore style . The music is  low, slow and catchy. You can feel the  punishing  Doom in those guitar and bass lines and the drums keep it at the hypnotic level you want for a band like Hollow leg . There are some very Monster Magnet and  Grand Funk Railroad movements too.  I'm sticking with this is a great way to start 2019 !!!!

Yatra- Death Ritual- CD/Digital/LP (Grimoire )

This a mix of Retro and Proto Doom and Fuzzed out Heavy rock. I a way that labels like  Rise Above, Meteor City and 20 Buck Spin have loved to release and earlier Southern Lord . This reminds me of bands like Warhorse, Revelation, ST Vitus and Catherdral with the love of bands like like  Blue Cheer, Sabbath and Cream.  I do like the tormented vocals and them not being so groovy always. There is a a love of bands like Khemmis, Bell Witch and Yob as well. I do like this I don't love it . I just want it to get more pissed off and not so laid back and stoner in nature. There are moments were this band just  crushes it all but I need it more then 50% of the time.

RAUHNÅCHT-Unterm Gipfelthron- CD/ Digital ( Debemur Morti Productions )

Ummmm  ok so were going to end this edition with something I totally will tell you is  musical fucking perfection . If you mix  Black, Folk and Viking Metal together and do it well there is nothing more brilliant on this Earth and RAUHNÅCHT you have just done this to levels that my heart may not be able to handle. Acoustic elements of Woodwinds, Brass and Pagan homehand sounds, Strings, Sing along choruses , Grimm Blackened vocals , Clean Viking ones and you can just feel the Northern European Forests at night with fires burning and the clans around them talking of battles and legends of old. RAUHNÅCHT is just giving me the chills. This is a majestic and amazing way to end this edition of reviews. D.M.P. as a label you never fail me .. Thank you ..