Argonauta Artist Hollow Leg interview up

1. I maybe fucking insane but  I here elements of Clutch, C.O.C , Crowbar, Down , Electric wizard and Deadbird.. were did this fuzzed out bluesy sludge sound erupt from?

-yeah we dig all that stuff and certainly at inception that sound was at the core of Hollow Leg... every album since has seemed to keep elements of the Sabb’d out thing but maybe different pieces of those bands at different times and then with Crown/Murder/Civilizations we added a little more classic rock and 90s alt rock influences in the mix, but yeah Sabbath worship is always at the center of it all

2.  Civilization is the 1st I've really heard of band how does older material  differ?

-The first record INSTINCT was made as a 2pc and it is as the title defines it, basically just 2 dudes ripping some heavy sludgy sounds... that Continued on to ABYSMAL, but Scott and Tommy came on board and the sound broadened significantly as a result, but also we were still figuring some things out, that’s a heavy record(maybe our heaviest. CROWN is a “concept” record, the whole idea was based around the lyrics and the music/sound was really born out of the story there... CROWN felt like the first record in a lot of ways though, felt like we were nailing down our vibe on that one, we also used an outside studio/engineer (Sanford Parker) to mix the record for the first time which made a big difference. Feels a bit more serious than the previous 2, though the first two records may have a certain charm because of their “raw”er quality... MURDER ep was the first we did with John Stewart on drums, it through us into yet another expansion, building on CROWN but also leaning towards what we did on CIVILIZATIONS

3.Argonauta had been the home for last two proper albums how is that going and was this the home Hollow leg is looking for?

- absolutely! Argonauta has been great to us, has helped us out a lot and been a partner more than a lot of labels would be for a band at our level

4. Jacksonville Fl huh.. Is that a hotbed of sludgy metal? There was an amazing band called Rein sanction I loved from there?

- Jacksonville, and Orlando as well, since these cities are both home for us, are home to lots of different heavy bands and good ones at that, from thrash and metal core to sludgy and more stoner sounds

5. Love the horns mixed into band how did that come to be?

- no horns here my man... where were you hearing that? Chances are it’s just guitar that is heavily effected

6.I here apostle hardcore vibe am I nuts on this as well?

- not sure what you mean by Apostle? Assume that is a band? But yeah we all have hardcore roots/background, it’ll pop in/through here and there

7. What track would  hollow leg want to make a video for if you had a proper  budget?

We talked about making a video for Hunter and the hunted from this record... we did make a self made video for Raven off the Murder EP

8.Were do see extreme  underground music heading in the yr 2019 is it a rebirth  or splintering all the more?

- it’ll continue to grow, as long as pop music and culture keep churning out the nonsense it is, there will always be a need for a reaction a counter action and the heavy underground will always have people that need that antithetical music

9 . What bands or artist are inspiring you?

- Most of what we listen to is 70s/80s/90s from all different genres, a lot to make mention of…

10. Is social media,  YouTube and blogs helping the underground  or just too much shit out there?

- of course it helps, bands are able to reach only so many ears/eyes on our own, any/all help getting noticed is great

11. What's the theme of Civilization and how does artwork play into it?

- It’s got some different themes it plays on, but in general it’s a journey of escape for the protagonist. Traveling between Civilizations both of this world and out of this world in search of peace and a sense of belonging... this is a paraphrasing but that is the main idea and the artwork highlights the outer world travel, ancient astronaut

12. Live or studio which gets the band going more?

- they’re both equally special, but we definitely are a band that loves being in the studio and have a lot of fun with it...

13. Thanks for time any closing thoughts here

-thanks for giving us the attention, and we just hope people check out CIVILIZATIONS and hopefully dig it as much as we do