Blood Harvest Artist Noctambulist Interview is up


1. Tell us how this Crusty Noisy Post Black Death force came  to be.

A.T. wanted to start a band that combined his roots of brutal death metal with dissonant black metal and doom elements to create something dark and oppressive. We had all known each other and loved one another's bands for quite some time. Once the instrumentation and writing began, A.T. considered each of us to be not only qualified, but likely motivated to make this project what it is today. We were already friends and it made working with each other organic.

2. Is Denver a hot bed on extreme sound today I think I know Primitive man and of feather and bone  are from there correct?

Yes. Primitive Man and OFAB are certainly go to bands. Other bands like Dreadnought, Wayfarer, In the Company of Serpents, and the likes have made a name for themselves through this scene. There are still several bands that are not on the rest of the world's radar. 908, Kenaima, Cyclonus, Full Bore, Berated, Whammer, Euth, and other bands are all just waiting to be discovered by the world and appreciated for what they do. Obviously, these are just a skimming of what is available, but they definitely deserve credit for the work that they do. We have awesome metal shows at clubs, bars, garages and breweries very frequently in this scene. There have always been sick shows here, but they are definitely readily available on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. 

3. The artwork for Atmospheres of Desolation is very Dark and impressive. How does it play to theme of album.

Hopefully the art makes the listener feel how the album does.  Stare at the art while you listen to the album.

4. The Noisy over tones really add to the power and fury on album was this always the tone and feeling wanted?

We certainly strive to add an atmosphere of unease and ugliness to our music. Without a doubt, we use these segments to both build tension and create dread. These segments are something that we see as integral in achieving the aforementioned feelings and emotions within our songs. 

5. How did you come to work with Blood Harvest a really up and coming extreme music label?

We are lucky enough to be good friends with the guys in Suffering Hour, who are also on Blood Harvest. They were instrumental in getting us into contact with the label. 

6. If you could make a proper video  of any song on Atmospheres of Desolation which one and why?

I think Denial of Autonomy could be a cool enough lyrical theme to work off of to make something dark and nihilistic in a visual way.

7. 5 words explain the bands sound?

Relentless, desolate, intense, dense, overwhelming.

8. How does Live vs Studio differ for Noctambulist?

All of it requires a lot of focus. Live is certainly where we would like to be most of the time. It's difficult to feel teamwork and an organic bond when we are each going after our parts individually.

9. If you could tour with any band who and why?

Gorguts or Ulcerate so they can make us feel like shit, then be more uncompromising on our next album. 

10. How does the current underground scene seem to you. Is it thriving or too many bands that come from bedrooms?

The underground scene always seems to be big, but there are certain trends that are being done to death at the moment. Beyond those trends, the underground is a place to meet people, discover talent, open your mind/tastes, etc. The underground will (hopefully) always thrive as long as people are susceptible to new things and willing to open their minds to new possibilities in genre blending, song writing, thematic material, etc.

11. Atmosphere and grim tones seem to be important to the over all sound of band. he Vocals seem very tortured and pained what are you trying to get the listener to get out of Atmospheres of Desolation?

The overall theme could be summed up as nihilism. More deeply, the human race continues to sabotage itself out of fear and uncertainty that is based on individual experience. People invest themselves into false safeties like religion, politics, and overall sense of belonging. It's frustrating to see us get worse and worse based out of reactionary fear. The record should hopefully make people feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed, as life makes everyone feel. Life is pointless, and if you can find enjoyment out of the overall weight that crushes us all, then you're doing fine. 

12. What bands or  projects are currently impressing members of Noctambulist?

Full Bore, Euth, Wayfarer, Sunless, Altarage, Artificial Brain, Svartidaudi, Adversio Humanitatus, Suffering Hour, Zhrine, Emptiness, Abyssal, Yautja, Kenaima, Dodsrit, Pissgrave, Old Soul Dies Young, Of Feather and Bone, Cult Leader, etc.

13. Is there anything you would like to change about the current album?

I wish my voice would have been in better shape for recording, but I overall feel it came out as nasty as I was hoping it would.

14. Do the members of Noctambulist have other projects they would like to talk about?

I joined a grindcore/powerviolence band called Berated.  M.N. plays in blackened hardcore band called Cyclonus.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here...

Pre order/order the record if you like what you may have heard. Follow our facebook and instagram pages for quick access to show announcements, record announcements, etc.