3 Movements of the Sorrowful and meloncoly (Doom Edition )

VOID ROT - CONSUMED BY OBLIVION- MLP /Digital (Sentient Ruin Labs)

From the  frozen north with 10,000 lakes  Minnesota comes Void Rot with 3 track and just over 15 mins of crushing and  suffocation Blackened Doom Death in the style of  Incantation, Winter and  Ceremonium . Loving what I hear as it really like dripping Molasses and then watching it  dry to only have to fracture it with a hammer and start again. The ultra guttural vocals and that mid tempo  Bolt Thrower meets Disembowelment riifage is more then i can really ask for . And with that I look to hear a long player and this is the best kind of Doom and we always need more of it .


Caustic Vomit- festering odes to deformity- tape/ digital ( Redefining darkness  records)

Crusty Blackened  Doom in the  vein of  bands like Thergothon, Cianide ,Womb , Unearthly Trance and even Immolation and  Dusk. Loving the raw and  meloncoly side of the  Punk and Doom that is coming through with those early Death metal guitars and production. At time it reminds of Skepticism too . All I know is they could play with Doom , Crust or Death metal bands and all three crowds would dig it without fail. The gurgled vocals with all the rest and it glorious feedback is a welcome sound to these ears and now it's your turn to decide . Game On!!!!


Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate-  CD/ Digital (  Solitude Productions/ Wierd Truth )

This  is  an Epic or Symphonic Doom/ Death very close to what labels like  Peaceville, Avantgarde and Napalm have been releasing for  many years I hear Early Anathema, My Dying Bride, Dolorian, Unholy, Novembers Doom, Morgion, Tristania,  Saturnus and  Morning Beloveth in the bands I would  align this band with . Being from Mexico I know very few Doom bands from there so that adds to the magic and  mystery of it all.  This is very much Epic  Classic  Doom Death metal and stuff I have loved for over two decades now . If its not long slow and sorrowfilled what the point right and you get all that and more. There are some Blackened Death and  More Chaotic Death metal moments but they speed at times really adds something to the over all atmosphere of the project.  Check it out and you will see how impressive they are ..