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NOCTAMBULIST- Atmospheres Of Desolation - CD/Digital/ LP ( Blood Harvest/ HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS )

This album comes at you blazing from moment one.Noctambulist is from Denver CO and had all the elemets of a Great Death metal band that likes to experiment with Prog. Tech, Doom and Noise elements that almost comes across as Sludgy and Grindy at times. I want to call it Atmospheric  Bombastic Death metal . The sound on this album is so massive and powerful I will be listening to it over and over again. 2019 is starting off just as amazing as 2018 for Death metal.  Atmospheres Of Desolation is  stellar and stunning  Extreme metal undertaking to say the least there are harsh melodies, crushing blasts, Torment vocals and that Avant Black/Death going on you get from bands like Red Cord, Gorguts and Gigan to name a few. Ok I know it's time to stop gushing about this album  but man the vocals go from crusty scream to deep doomy gutturals . Just making my back tingle with an album of this talent. I'm going to end this review with JUST WOW!!!!!


Wolves in argyle-Dangereux- CD/Digital/LP  ( Incineration Ceremony Recordings)

We have a heavy bluesy indie  rock band  that was produced by Tad Doyle (TAD) and Mastered by Jack Endino ( of Skin Yard and did many Sub pop albums).  Wolves in Argyle have members of ( Brother Cain, Mordred , Joan Jets, The Git, Naked Aggression )  This band is  catchy, punk, surf rock and hard rock all mixed.  Imagine for a minute  Socal Distortion, Rev Horton Heat, The Posies , All, The Damned and Sister of Mercy all in one. There is a Post Punk  even a Gothy element too this too. I here stuff like THe Replacements and Husker Du in this as well. They have the punk snarl, Hard rock melodies and So Cal Pop punk catchy side. Dave Holmes all I really can say is you put a very good rocking project together and I'm enjoying every moment of it .


Dirge- Ah Puch-CD/ Digital (Self Released)

Well Well Sweet Doom you have come back to me again my Sludge, Crusty, Primitive and nasty Doom/Death...  I hear elements of  Winter, YoB, Eyehategod,Cavity, Damad, Dusk, Grief and Mournful Congregation in this monster of a suffocating release . This band from India sing about  Aztec and Mayan theme which adds a super coolness to this as well. I know it came out in OCtober 2018 but I'm hyping this now so check it out. There are some very Incantation and The Chasm elements about this band too. Ugly slow Death metal and Doom  are what is going on here and Dirge never dissapoints. What else do you want from me. Get this you fools and don't miss out on a great underground release !!!!