The Fourth Creation as Meaningful as the first ...

A NOVELIST - Folie- Digital (Self Released)

This  Duo out of  Louisana make some very  Avant Proggy Post Metal . At time I hear elements  of Solefald, Fleurety then the move for more of a Proggy Deathcore band aka  Parkway Drive and Architects . There are moments of Black metal as well with Bands more like Enslaved and Ihshan . I Also here Bands like  Sleepytime gorilla museum, Tub Ring and Ephel Duath. So I guess were going for Funky, Jazzy Avant Black Death with some strong elements of Prog rock and Carnival music. Well that left of center huh. The Clean and Harsh vocals work so well. I love inventive music and that is 100% what you got going on with A Novelist.There are some very odd Gothy and Electro moments going on too. You really need to hear this as you're going to Worship or Loath this . There are even Polkadot Cadaver, Bogus Blimp and  Mr Bungle times happening here.. Jesus just get this it's a win across the board!!

Bergraven- Det framlidna minnet- Digital /CD/LP (  Nordvis Produktion )

This is a very bizzare and eerie project by a member of Stilla and I will call this  Avant Post Black metal as I not sure were else to go with it . The music and arrangements are as tormented and disjointed as the vocals going on. Sickness and Madness many times can be an amazing bed fellow for music like this . Jazz, Prog, Post Rock , Symphonic all in a Post Black metal metal world. This is really were bands like  Devil Doll ,Arcturus and Enslaved started the torch and now Bergraven is writting the next chapters to come . Love the Horns and off kilter synths and timing of all that is going on. Bergraven is beautiful and unsettling at the very same time. The haunting slightly off Key Acoustics reminds me of An Autumn for Crippled Children or Negura Bunget. Nordvis is truly a groundbreaking label and with this it just continues to show.

Hexvessel -All Tree- CD/ Digital/LP (Century Media. Prophecy Productions/ Secret Trees)

Well what do you think you're going to get then you have past and current members of  D.H.G/Code/ Beastmilk and Grave Pleasures... Well your are very wrong this is a wonderful Neo Folk/ Pagan Folk/ Gothic and Acoustic wonderland of beauty and Nature . There is a very heathen over tone. I would say this is like  Blood Axis, Tenhi and Of the wand and the moon all mix into one with some very strong love for Simon and Garfunkel . There is a warm and darkness hand in hand with this as there can not be Light without Darkness. The Sorrow that comes from All Tree can be more lovely that the inspiring moments of this . THe Woodwinds and pianos intertwine with the male and female vocals so wonderfully. I get stuck in the web of a band like  Hexvessel and so will you.

ÖRMAGNA- Örmagna- CD/ Digital  ( Signal Rex )

This  creators of bleak and chaotic darkness are from Iceland . Every extreme band from Iceland always as an otherworldy vibe to them and I wonder if its just because of how Isolated they are to most of the rest of the world. I would call this  Post Black Doom in the way the music is created. The Pace goes between those two styles most there is a very Shining, Bethelehem and Forgotten Tomb sound that will not stop for me. As well as that very Slow Death metal tone that becomes Doom like from bands I love The Chasm and Incantation. You can just feel the pain in what is being created and the low ends just rumble with glory.  There is a driving force behind the music as they are just one step from total destruction but know how to contain it is a way that makes it all the more magical. The vocals are shrieked and spewed upon us and that is one of the reasons it works so well. On that note Melodies don't have to be pretty ugly melodies are amazing as well and that is what Ormagna excel at .. What have something very impressive in the making here.