Corpseflower / Throatruiner Artist -Great Falls Interview is up

1. 1st off let my readers know a bit about your noisey metallic hardcore magical band.

Well, my name is Shane and I play the bass. There’s a guy named Demian who plays guitar and sings and Phil is sitting back there on the drums. We’ve been playing together for maybe eight years and this is our third proper full-length.

2. Seattle seems to be a hot bed for noise rock and hardcore again. What is the scene really like in 2018 any stand out bands in the area you like my readers to check out?

Off the top of my head we are big fans of Old Iron and Glose and Yellfire and Florida Man and and Post/Boredom -- the singer of that band was kind enough to do some guest vocals on the new record.

3. I do hear some crusty and sludge elements in Great falls as well or am I mistakenly?

You are correct. We like grind and noiserock and sludge and shooting for some abstract bastard version of all three.

4. How did you come to work with Corpse flower they seem like a really impressive up and coming label. You’re working with Throat ruiner too correct?

Corpse Flower asked me to come up with a really funny made-up story about how we met but that is a lot of pressure because then I’d be worried the guy who runs the label, Kenny, won’t think my story was funny enough and it will spoil the whole     thing. So I’ll just admit we met in prison. And yeah, Great Falls had reached out to Throatruiner as well to see if we could get a co-label release and Matthias who runs that has just been the nicest, most professional guy. Especially compared to Kenny, who’s an ex-con.  

5. What makes vinyl so special again?? Large art?? Having a tangible item or that warm sound? The artwork is impressive on "A sense  of rest" .. How does it play Into themes of album?

I think now that since so much music is consumed digitally it’s nice to have some version of the album that you can put on your shelf, even if doesn’t get pulled down that often. It’s just a nicer archival vessel for art than CDs or tapes, a time-tested way to own music.

As far as the artwork, Farel Dalrymple created it based on conversations with Demian about lyrical themes. It is mostly a visual representation of Demian’s relationship with his daughter and his feelings of existential doom.

6. Three words explain bands sound no cheating?

I think Grind, Noiserock, Sludge from up above is a good trio, but also Angry Mathematical Tinnitus.

7. You worked with Thomas Doyle aka TAD. Love man and bands he has done. A Seattle legend what was that like?

Tad is completely unaware that he is Tad, which makes it a joy to work with him. He is great at what he does but he is also genuinely stoked to be doing what he’s doing and to help you get the sounds you’re looking for. And if you stick around he’ll play you whatever he’s been working on, which is always wonderful.

8. Do you feel Subpop helped or changed Seattle forever for the better or not ? They are a very different beast from 80s and 90's to now. I understand.

I think Subpop changed Seattle for a while, but it’s Amazon’s town now and I’m not sure when there will ever be room for anything else to breathe again.

9. If Great falls got offered a larger label deal , would they be interested in it or is DIY the best for underground music in 2018 with good PR?

I’m not really sure what a larger label would want with us. We play local shows and put out pretty niche music every three years. But if some major label foolishly wanted to pay for studio time and rent a skywriter to advertise our new record I would probably be fine with it.

10. If you could cover one song and make it your own what song and way?

We throw around a lot of songs all the time, but right now I think we could turn “Pissing” by Low into something very much our own.

11. How does early material differ from " A sense of rest"?

I think this is the record where we just wanted to make every song a “single.” Before we made pieces to create a whole and this time you can listen to any song on here and we feel it represents the kind of band we are.

12. I have to ask were did name Great falls come from and how does it fit the band?

My friend was from Great Falls, Montana. He wanted to name a bar that and he never did so I stole the name. I don’t know how it fits with the band except that it was the only name we thought of that our friends didn’t think was shitty.

13. Live or Studio which do the members of the band prefer and why?

The studio is always 1-3 days of hell no matter how good the engineer is so live, please. Always live.

14. Digital age we live in how do underground extreme bands make it to that next level?

Oh, I would not be the person to give anyone advice on how to make it to the next level. My only advice about being in a band is really give a shit about the music you’re playing and play with people who give a shit. If you don’t really give a shit then find a less expensive hobby.

15. Amrep ,Touch and Go or Revelation which label would you have signed with if you had the chance in their heydays ??

Oh man, my brain says Touch and Go but my heart says Amrep.

16. Do the members of Great falls have other projects you like my readers to explore?

Demian does a bunch of solo music and art and letterpressing. It’s great.

17.  Any closing thoughts here ?

You seem like a very nice person and I appreciate your questions.