Tri folding the sound waves of the new wave of extremity ..

The Heretics Fork -Tormentore - CD/ Digital ( P2 Records )

Brutal is a term we use to talk about being ugly , aggressive and extreme in Violent ways. With The Heretics Fork there is no better word to explain this over the top Death metal unit. the drums are some dry and blistering the guttural and ultra deep Death vocals are just a way to cut through the sonic destruction that the Guitars and Bass are presenting to the world. The Samples of torment just add to the over all sickness to what has been recorded it. Death/Doom Noise is what I hear and all I feel is madness, pain and extremity. There are some very over the top Doom moments that remind me of bands like Womb, Disembowelment and Mortician come to mind with bands like this. The Heretics Fork is for the most advance of ultra guttural Death Doom and can take this kind of punishment to many this will not be taken past the 1st track for for a few of us this is just wonderfully over the top.

Deadbird- III: The Forest Within The Tree- CD/ Digital LP (20 Buck Spin)

I know it's been forever and a day since I got a new Deadbird album and I just read it been a Decade so  2006 ..  This  Arkansas Doom force is no less impressive mix that Southern Doom sound with the Sludge and Soulful elements that band Doom so very powerful indeed. The vocals are Throaty and Clean sung in the way bands like  Crowbar, C.O.C and Alice in Chains are doomy with a very  Neurosis and His Hero is gone edgy Crusty Punk taste in it as well. They also at time have that Down meets Electric Wizard thing going on. This is heavy as all get out and melodic at same time. Bands like Deadbird prove Doom metal can be loved by extreme music fans from Hardcore , Metal and Noise Rock. I swear you get those  Cavity, Noothgrush and Grief moments in here that make this slower then a mother fucker and those are the moments I want to make my knuckles bleed. Album III from Deadbird is just the release I needed and will be listening to it over and over again.

Ygfan- Hamvakból...  CD/ Digital ( Sun & Moon )

Being a band from Hungry I really only know Sear Bliss and I love them and Atillia form Mayhem fame. Ygfan is Black metal in that Post / Heathen way that loves to play nature and elements around them into The Blackened Metal sound with Chanting vocal and Grimm ones at that same time this reminds me much of The Black metal we are getting from the Northwest of USA and bands like on labels like  Bindrune, D.M.P, Nordvis etc even Season of Mist  and Code 666 at times. There is  a mix of  Acoustics, Noisy Tones, Black metal, Post Rock and Prog all into something that becomes more special as you listen to bands like this.  There is almost a hope in this style of experimetal as I like to call it. The Folk elements play into all of this to create a massive sounding release that at time could be a full on Prog album but the metal sides need to come out and scream at those before you. I would recommend going to Bindrune or Nordvis in europe and listening to much of the catalogs as this is something that needs to expand your horizons after listening to Ygfan. I would ever say they there are moments of bands like  Fen and Solefald . Some say there is a doom element in this and I agree as were bands like  Katatonia come into play as there is major  Katatonia love going on here as well. Ok That's enough of that. Listen and love this .