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Sadness- Leave-CD/Digital ( Flowing Downward/ Avantgarde)

One man  Project based in Illinois on Sub label for Mighty Italian Legendary label Avantgarde Music . This start off as a very somber and ethereal Darkwave release with minimal sweeping synths. In the middle of the 1st track this turns into an atmospheric  Black gauze project for sure full of  mystery , haunting melodies and spacial blackened cries. I can very much hear that post Black meets Shoegazing tones. There is a phasing  Doom metal element to all of this in Sadness as well. As if  Alcest, Deafheaven & Ghost Bath mix with bands like  Dolorian , Forgotten Tomb and Dorenreich to name a few. Sadness has an epic and  chilling feel through out the tracks and Sounds like a Other worldy soundtrack at times. This is far more impressive that anyone will know till the listen to the album. I can see what Avantgarde was impressed enough to get this a proper physical release and not leave it just an indie digital only release . With a bit of a push this band could be a up and coming name in the underground. There are some serious Prog and  Post Rock overtones going through out the album as well.  Sadness I hope my small presence will get the ball rolling for the world to witness the magic in the aural realms you truly have.



Over- Facing Transcendence- CD/ Digital/LP ( Avantgarde Music)

Atmospheric and  Surreal  Black Metal from a Duo in Norway and France. There is a more old school mid tempo Blackened Death Sound to this and you can hear the past in a band like Over . I can hear  Old Mans Child, Dimmu Borgir, Saytricon, Bathory and Shining ( Sweden). There is a nightmarish and tormented theme through out the album and it gets very dark and  disturbing in the way you want a black metal album to present itself. There is a spiritual and suicidal side to a band like Over. I love the almost hypnotic vibe this is giving me reminding me of the more sinister Black metal from  Sweden and Finland from the late 90's early 00's there is that icy melody to that you just need . The solos come very much that  Swedish melodic death scene as well. Over all I can very clearly hear what Over is creating and it's done to perfection. As I say from time to time you do not need to reinvent the wheel just make it feel new and look interesting and you will win at this every time.  Tonal destruction has never sounded better . Keep it up Over...


IIL OMEN- The Grand Usurper- MCD/MLP/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead )

This is a new 4 song output from Australian Occult, Blistering and Noisy Black metal force. This is not for someone looking for polished and more middle of the road. ILL Omen are on one projection. To Conquer and Destroy all that is before them. Grim Black metal in the most hateful and raw of styles is what you have.  At times I would call this Occult Black noise. The Static and Lofi element actually make the tracks what they need to be and all the more special .  The album cover very much tells you what you are getting and there is nothing pretty or hopeful here. Sometime you just need ugly Black metal to get through your day and with ILL Omen that challenge could not be more brilliantly done.


Radux- Disaster Imminent-Digital /LP ( Svart )

Finland and Metal we all know it fits just like a glove but I was not ready from  Blistering Thrash meets Crossover with Radux but folk we have  Nuclear Assault , Sodom, DRI, Kreator all going on here with some Crumbsuckers for good Measure. This is just what the late 80's early 90's sounded like in extreme metal and I could not be more pleased. Svart records again has another gem in a genre album in the making. The music is so catchy and vocals are so biting  just like you want in great thrash. There is even a complexity to the arrangements that was the sign of a creative thrash band a well.  Just I was going to ask here is the speed metal movements here they come in track three. this 4 song release is just making me crave for more and I this Svart is doing this on purpose . Radux I look forward to a proper full length soon.


Losa -Mastrucatum-CD/ Digital ( Third I Rex )

Black metal from Italy ...  In a very Occult, Avant Post Black metal style. That has some very Pagan and Heathen elements as well as an ambient dark primitive side that I hear in bands like Negura Bunget , Fen and Drudkh. I love calling this stuff  Forest Black metal as I feel they practice in the woods at night with  generators to invoke the spirits of old and see what rewards they can achieve from this result. There is a Viking feeling at time from this band as well that bands like like Borknagar and Thyrfing gave us over the years. That folk style with the acoustic works very well in the song structures too.  Losa you are impressing me with each new track I hear. Keep this up and I will be singing you're praises to everyone. Stellar work on this album indeed.