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Maailmanloppu -Tuhon koodi  - CD/ Digital (Svart Records)

Fast and nasty Finnish Hardcore from a band that has been at it for quiet I while. It's all in Finnish but that doesn't stop the talent or fury and love of good hardcore for anyone that doesn't speak Finnish at all . This reminds me of all the great So cal  Hardcore from late 80's early 90's and some of that classic NYHC as well . The songs are short but all hardcore is and the keep you wanted to come back for more and at the end of the day can you really ask for more from a strong classic sounding  band. Come on this band has been going on for 35 yrs and still has this passion and power. This is what Sick of it all and Madball are for USA. Keep it up and never let this style fade away.

Pantheist- Seeking Infinity- CD/ Digital/ DLP ( Melancholic Realm Production/The Vinyl Division )

Funeral Doom meet Sludgy Dark Metal is really what I'm getting from this well known Doom band . This is the 1st album in over seven years and the feeling of Darkness, Despair and Sullen way are still very much in there . The organs give me very much that Northern European  Funeral and Gothic Doom. The mix of gruff and grim vocals and deep spoken vocals makes you feel like the old Doom days of  Avantgarde and Peaceville are flying the flags again. Pantheist is a stunning  Avant Doom metal force that know how to make music to challenge and move the listener. The clean gothic vocals sung even work in a very pagan / ritualistic way. The piano work is very haunting in the way bands like Devil Doll and Bethlehem have presented in the past as well. This is not a hopeful record and with Doom music period this is what you are looking for . I wish them much success in this new release as the ambience even works extremely well on the over all mood of the album. This is a Doom album not to be forgotten. I hear elements of Shape of Despair, Evoken and Nov Doom as well in this . They also have a love for bands like  My Dying Bride, Skepticism and Thergothon . Well Done indeed gentlemen.

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Taphos -Come Ethereal Somberness -CD/Digital/LP  (Blood Harvest/ HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS)

Denmark is not the 1st place you think of a band like this they have a strong Death metal scene yes and even a few great Doom metal bands but what Taphos is creating is a Melodic  Thrashing  Black Death sound that is something very much more I would say is French, Swedish or from the UK in the way it is presented. the Sound is massive and epic in scale and the songs hold on to you and don't let go.  There is this sinister darkness to it all as well were the Black metal really does shine. The Death metal is more in the Doom and grind style too that early Earache and Nuclear Blast really did master early one. I can even hear elements of bands like  Chasm, Incantation and Bolt thrower through out this journey . Taphos you have really impressed me hear and at time you can hear brothers from your nation  Altar and Panzerchrist. Very impressive album to say the least. Powerfully and Catchy Black Death in the best of ways.