Armageddon Label Artist Morne interview is up

1. I've really liked your past releases but with To the nights unknown there is a much more ethereal and Darkness to the massive Doom and Sludgy tones. I would call it more true Post Hardcore/ Metal now or am I crazy lol?

Milosz - Honestly I don’t follow any of these names of music styles.  We play what we play. If people want to classify it it’s fine. I never pay attention to it because these things change every few years. 

2. Your last few albums were on Profound Lore why the move to you're on label Morne Records with Armageddon in Providence supporting ?

Milosz - It was what we wanted to do at this time. It felt natural to get everything done within our close circle of friends. Even when we were with Profound Lore we still did our vinyl releases with Armageddon Label and Shadows was the first vinyl release on Armageddon Label / Morne Records , and now we released our new album like this on all formats.

3. Do you feel good PR and D.I.Y. is the way to have success for established underground bands in 2018 ?

Milosz - I think it works when done right. Mid size labels give you pretty much the same results.  They pay for recording and run a couple of weeks of PR and that’s all. So why not do it all yourself instead of out sourcing it. 
Many bands do that. It’s more work and more money upfront but everything is doable. It’s just a matter of how you approach it. 

4. Does Social/ Digital Media ( You Tube, Bandcamp and Twitter etc) Change how artist record , tour and present music in 2018?

Milosz - Again I think it’s just a matter of the approach. Everything is out there and it’s up to a band how they use it.  You can do it fast and cheap or put some hard work into it and use help of the net to put your work out  there. 
It definitely gives bands better way to keep in touch with their fans, show bookers etc. I remember when I was touring back in the 90’s, it was all done by calling people, sending letters etc.  It was fun but it wasn’t easy. Internet is just another tool and as I often say it’s not the tool, it’s how you use it. 

5. How does a live performance differ from Morne of albums?

Milosz - The way we play live hasn’t changed.  We always try to make set-lists go over all of our albums. Mix it up a little. Another album, more songs to choose from which sometimes is difficult. We always make sure that our live performances flow like an album even when we mix songs from all of our albums. 

6. In 5 words or less explain bands sound to some one thats going to hear you for 1st time?

Milosz - Heavy, emotional music. 

7. New England in general has a stories and strong past for  Hardcore, metal and punk. Where do you think Morne fits in all this?

Milosz - Nowhere really. We come from punk scene but we aren’t a punk band. We play heavy music but we aren’t operating in metal scene. I never really think about where we belong. People from a lot of scenes listen to us and that’s what we want. 

8. What music locally in Boston area is impressing the members of Morne you like to tell the world about?

Milosz - There are some good bands around here that we like. Sea, Sadist, Wormwood, Phantom Glue, KYOTY, Dropdead obviously. They all do their own thing and are good people. 

9. How does making music outside of Morne help mold where Morne is musically  today?

Milosz - ?????

10.Is there a theme or Story with the new album " To the nights unknown" ?

Milosz - There always is a story behind our music and lyrics but I’d like to leave it for people to interpret. 
I don’t see any reason to explain , comment or suggest anything to people. I write about my personal experiences but I feel our lyrics have some universal meaning too. It’s up to people who listen to our music to interpret it themselves. 

11. How does the artwork play into the sound or feeling of the new album?

Milosz - I wanted to have album cover that isn’t a typical metal album cover art. A cover that fits our style but also exceeds it.  Something that makes sense after people dig into our album and put two and two together. 
Couple of years ago I had this idea about having poppy flowers on the cover of our new album and I talked to my friend Hillarie Jason about it and she took the photos, put it all the designs together and made it happen. It’s dark and beautiful. Pretty much all of our album covers have the same idea behind them. 

12. If you could make a proper video for any song off new album which track and how do you want it to look?

Milosz - Dark, simple and beautiful. 

13. In this Digital age is the full album becoming a thing of the past or does this scene still want the completest vision of art and music?

Milosz - Bands still press their records so looks like there is still a demand for it. I really don’t have any opinion about it. I still buy music on physical formats because that gives me better connection with bands but I also listen to music on my phone sometimes. I think there is a lot of people who do it this way. I like reading lyrics, credits, thank lists etc. 

14. If the members of Morne were not making music what would fill those creative voids?

Milosz - I don’t see my life with out making music. 

15. If the members of Morne could cover any song and make it their own. What song and why?

Milosz - I can only speak for myself but for me it would be either Depeche Mode “Waiting For The Night ” or New Model Army “ No Greater Love”. Why? Listen to it and you will know why haha. Not metal songs but heavy as hell, lyrically and musically. 

16. Thank you for the time . Any closing thoughts here.

Milosz - Thanks for your interest and support