Pelagic Records Artist Future Usses Interview is up

1. Your a very new band to my readers tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Sacha, I'm an Aries, and I like nothing more than snuggling up with a good book and a cup of chamomile tea on Friday nights. My band Future Usses just released our first album on Pelagic Records.

2. I hear elements of Russian Circles, Earth, Pelican, Mogwai and Caspian. Would you say you are influenced by any of those Post Rock/ Post Metal bands. Or were does you sounds come from?

I love those bands and also about one million more too. I've listened to a lot of music in my life, so this 37-year old brain is just a blender for one big music smoothie at this point. But yes we use delay pedals on clean guitars like those bands.  

3. How did you come to work with Pelagic label?

Robin (Pelagic owner) took my other band Intronaut on our first ever EU tour back in 2007 with his band The Ocean Collective, and we have since collected each other's hearts (and agreed-upon royalty rates). 

4. The LA scene with help of Hydra head and Southern Lord seem to have a thriving underground scene. Are there any bands that are stand outs there now . You would like to give exposure too?

Listen to Derek and Dan's current albums:

5. In 5 words describe you band sound to someone about to listen for 1st time?

You Are Going To Hateit

6. What do you want the listener to get out of The Existential Haunting?

I recorded it at night and then would listen to demos while riding my bike through a park in pitch black, and that was really great. I would recommend doing that. 

7. Your in other bands such at Bereft and INTRONAUT. How does that help to create what Future Usses sounds like?

Your not going to believe this, but my musical muscles are definitely kept limber. 

8. Whats you thoughts of Digital age and Promotion . Are things like  Bandcamp, Youtube and Blogs a blessing or curse for bands at your level?

Hey man I just make the music. I mean I have opinions but I also have stuff to do this morning. 

9. Where do you see the sound of Future Usses heading on future releases?

I haven't gotten that far. 

10. Would you call yourself a Doom band as I see that a lot the project or are you more then just that?

Yes we are simply a doom band. 

11. If you could make a proper video for any track off the album which would it be and why?

We are making one for "The Existential Haunting" and it should be out early October. 

12. How does Image play a role in a band like this?

I don't understand what this means. 

13. How was it to work with Kat of Converge and what do you think he added to the sound at the end of the day?

Kat was great. I love Kat and his mixes and he made our record really sound. Thanks Kat. 

14. Will Future Usses be performing live and if so what do you want the listener to get out of live vs the album?

Yes we have all our tour dates up on our Facebook and I would like people to get some merch out of a live show so we can keep buying plane tickets and excess baggage fees for my double neck guitar. 

15. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here

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