Relapse Artist- Primitive Man Interview is up ...

1, When I hear this EP for the 1st time I gave me chills with its mix of Sludge, Noise and Grinding tones.. A mix of bands like Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Early Swans and Disembowelment  How did the band come to be?

Jon (Bass) and I both played in different bands that did a tour together.  We became fast friends, respected each others tone game, and decided to form a doom band together,  while on that tour.  We started the band with the drummer that is on "Scorn" and then after he left the band, we recruited Spy to play with us and he has been on every recording and tour since.    

2. I really loved the suffocating sound of Scorn but with Home is where the Hatred is takes the Doom Sludge tones to the darkest of layers. What changed between releases that make this ep even more caustic then the full length?

I think that the change of drummers has helped us develop our sound in a way that we were not able to before.  We have done a lot of touring and writing since Scorn came out (we put out 4 splits in 2014) so I think that all of the hard work we have done as a unit has helped us really dial in what we want to do with this band.  

3. How did you come to join the Relapse family?

Relapse approached us after the first pressing of Scorn came out.  They are a very kind and hospitable group of people, that believe in their artists.  So it was natural that we would want to align ourselves with people like that.  

4. What band are impressing Primitive Man lately as bands on tour that have blown you away?

There are too many for me to list.  We have been fortunate enough to play with a ton of killer bands while on tour.  I think that NORTHLESS form Milwaukee is probably the one that impressed all 3 of us the most.

5. This there a running theme thru the songs of Primitive man as I do feel there is one?

Existential Nihilism and feeling bat shit crazy.  Feeling soul crushed and depressed.    

6. In recording songs are they more free formed and then get put together or are the tracks full laid out and just layered in studio?

We write the songs in the practice space and then play them all the way through in the studio.  I mean, we do individual tracking but we don't piece everything together as far as song structure goes.  That is pre determined.  

7. What you thoughts on Digital age and Social Media does it help bands that are DIY or does it let any basement band have their 30 mins in the sun?

I think that because of the over saturation of bands on the internet, you have to couple your internet presence with touring and putting out as much music as you can.  Force people to listen.  Grass roots promotion is the best promotion.  

8. if the new EP Home is where the Hatred is could have a video for any song what one and why?

Loathe and Bag Man because that is what is happening.   

9. A Major label comes to you and offers you a deal with creative freedom would you sign or is that a dead end for extreme music?

I would need more details before I could realistically answer this question.  But If say, sony music was like "You can keep doing everything you have been doing, no strings attached,  we're going to leave you alone, and pay you 10,000,000 dollars."  Then I would probably take it.  Because I sure as hell don't want to work this fucking dead end job I have for the rest of my life and neither do my band mates.  Music is all we care about doing so to get paid to do that would be out of this world.      

10. Your Website is very minimal on purpose?

It is because I don't know how to write code or do anything fancy.  

11. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here?

Thanks for the interview! 
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