8 New Reviews ... Mind Expanding Edition...

Arvas - Black Satanic Mysticism- CD/ Digital ( ATMF)

Dark Ambient inspired Black themes is where Arvas. This is noise loops and synths and all the creepy black neoclassic stuff for intro that make for a great release and with that comes the most raw bomastic Black thrash I've heard in years. Reminds me of later Bloodthorn, Marduk,  Destroyer 666, Grand Belials Key etc. You get where I'm going with this it's fast, raw and punishing with those amazing moshable thrash riffs. The vocals cross between the Black, Punk and Thrash realms as well. If I read there are members of Gorgoroth and Aeternus  and Influences of both bands are very much in play here. This is very 90's themes Blackened experience and if you want that with the heavy occult element mixed in this is a win all the way around.


Ergot- Victims of our same dreams- CD/ Digital (  DTP/ ATMF )

This has that very Occult 90's Symphonic / Classical Black metal build up in a very Black Industrial way with Tinpani's percussion and strings and drones and After the intro the same killer drums keep going with a sick Black/ Thrash guitar/ bass tone as well .  Some one has a strong love of Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer going on here. This is total late 80's early 90's Extreme metal that is coming into the Black metal realms. The soundscapes betwen tracks of rain and thunder is something that adds to the over all bleak tone of the album. Ergot has the early Immortal and Saytricon thing going on as well. Esp in the vocals and tempo of the band.  Ergot is not an easy listen but well worth the challenge indeed.


Abhor-Rituale Stramonium- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Occult and Ritualist Black metal with a Phantom of the opera over tone . This is over the top theatrical in every glorious way  mix with Raw Heathen worshiping magick Black metal. The vocals are beyond grim and those organs just make the music as whole.  Abhor is epic without being symphonic. Operatic Black metal but I don't feel 100% ok even call it that. If there was a play and theater group creating a live perform on stage about the underground music of black metal Abhor should be the band creating and perform such. I was want to watch Hammer Horror films turn them down and listen to Abhor as I think they would work wonderful together . I don't think is can explain more how awesome this release is. NOW GET IT!!!!



Ghoulgotha- The Deathmass Cloak- CD/ Digital ( Dark Descent)

Wow another moment I very shock by with Dark Descent how have given me a very guttural and slow death metal release that is very much a Doom release well. There are amazing old school Doom/ Death moments This reminds me of Early My Dying Bride, Dusk and Incantation just to name a few . Ghoulgotha also goes in to that 1st Dark throne Soulside Journey sound as well. This is very much a Death metal band that likes to slow down to a crawl and when it does is when the magic really comes to shine. There are some Blistering Death metal momnents here that will match any of those early death metal days on labels like Nuke Blast, Earache or Relapse..  The production is even of that early to mid 90's style Heavy low ends and very thick over all tones not over produce to give you that murky and gloony feel. There are some create tech metal moments like Disembowlment and Womb going on here as well.  W. Sarantopoulos has put together a great metal release that I will be listening to over and over again.


Abstractor-Wounded Empire- CD/ Digital ( Sentient Ruin Laboratories)

This is one of those end of days bands in riffage and tone alone. Mix a healthy dose of Sludge, Drone, Black metal and Post Hardcore into a box of full on fucking aggression and you just begin to scratch the surface of a band like Abstractor. They love their feedback, down tuned attack and worship of things Post Punk and otherworldly. We have elements of bands like Amebix, Killing Joke and Noothgrush going on here with nods to bands like Rorschach and His Hero is Gone.  This is one wall of piss off with a very layered almost spacial way of presenting it all. Abstractor is full on nightmares and depression and that is on a good day. Hope is not something a band like this has time for and please never change. Bands like this are about the release and cleansing of the demons within . We need this and without it the world would really suck..



Diapsiquir- LSD- CD/ Digital ( Necrocosm)

Very left field Black industrial with element of many bands that were called Post Black metal. There is avant element through out this tormented journey. You can hear movements of bands like Vondur , DHG, Death Spell Omega, MZ412, Blut Aus Nord etc. The madness of the guitars and just free formed drum machines with the vocals that are from oddball electronic to full on Black metal hatred are really what making me love this release. The cover the spectrum of all things Fringe Black.  I feel at time its just idea's all pieced together over the years with a mind just as fractured as the music. There is a beauty to it all as well. Diapsiquir is going to make many just question  WTF and others are going to see it right away. I look forward to many more days and years to explore that very destructive brilliance that is going on here.


Taken by the sun- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Well hello there Taken by the sun. Where have you been all my life.... Nevermind your here now. You mix three of my favorite styles into well just damn wonderment....  This is Post Hardcore, Doom and Post Black metal into something that is so exceptional it has the strength to eat through steel and stone. These bands are the one that will never be full understood and 5 yrs after they break up will be those of myths and legends. The passion, pain and power of a band like this doesnt come along every day. This is a crafted release from the way the songs sound, to arrangements to the very artwork all play into the over all presentation and way the band wants you to see them. The vocals are that of a rabid jackal on the hunt for what maybe it's very last kill. The music mixed prog, noise , hardcore, doom, grind and epic extreme metal all in every song and so so much more.  There are delicate moments and just face tearing events. This band is something I need to see live as they will scare the shit out of most bands that play after them . There is just no way to compete . You will just have to be different enough to not be a shell of what just happened. I want more more more soon soon soon..


An Autumn for Crippled Children- The Long Goodbye- CD/ Digital ( Wickerman Recordings)

This band is another one that transcends styles and boundaries . Where goth, post metal, prog rock, shoegazing, Raw Black metal and Noise come into one pot and become something like no other around it. The recording is really at the point of being on over load but with the wizardary and vision this band can make it into something wonderful, depression and hopeful all at the same time. There are very few bands that can play with my emotions like this and get you to want more well An Autumn for crippled children just did it. There are so many highs and lows here your mind doesn't know where to turn. This is music for the next age , The next movement of creative arts.  I could see this band tour with bands like Alcest, Dornenreich, Wolvserpent, Bethlehem etc. They are at home where most can not dwell.  Must will need to listen to this over and over to even crack the surface of all going on here. This is for bands of artists on labels like Prophecy, Code666, DMP, Profound Lore etc. This will make you question all and rethink how music can really change you life. Stellar....


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